Podcast To Ransom A Man’s Soul Ep 1×16 Review and Recap

 Outlander Season One has come to a close.  We get drawn into the world of Black Jack Randall in a disturbing and real way. We see the aftermath upon Jamie and Claire. Can he survive his ordeal? Can she save him? Where will they go?

Listen to my recap and review for all the information.


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2 thoughts on “Podcast To Ransom A Man’s Soul Ep 1×16 Review and Recap

  1. Louise Tellalian says:

    I so agree with the critiques you expressed in this podcast. Seeing it the first time, I felt guilty saying I was disappointed and was glad that as a reader I have the richness of the books to fall back on. Since this podcast, I have seen the episode a second time and already I understand it better and feel that many of my initial responses were validated. That said it has been a great ride and I look forward to Season 2. I just hope the EMMYS recognize this terrific production and its cast.


  2. Thank you, Des, for this podcast. I did take Diana’s suggestion to put the book down while viewing this episode. My heart still yearned for a better balance of the light & dark. As a book reader I knew where this episode was going, but it was better & worse to see it in all its visual horror. I knew that love would conquer all & that ultimately Claire would rescue Jamie from his descent into the bowels of hell. Kudos to all the actors for their brilliant performances. During my first time watching the episode I was cursing Randall almost continuously & that’s not my natural reaction to things. I’m grateful that Ron & his team put in the confession scene with Claire because it addresses her guilt & mirrors slightly Jamie’s need for confession as well. It’s hard to reconcile how I see book Claire in these scenes (from her POV) & show Claire. I need to think about that more. Looking forward to spending Droughtlander listening to your podcasts. Thanks for all that you do. XX


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