ADOO Is 1 Year Old


How can this be? One year ago I started the A Dram of Outlander Tumblr page because of my love and passion for Outlander. I thought just maybe I had a little something to add to the discussion.  Hey now stop laughing, I know I’m not known for ever lacking something to say. Apparently I’ve very much to say will nearly 600 posts and 23 podcasts. Anything related to the books series and the TV series, with a side of Scotland can be found here.

From humble beginnings it’s blossomed into this website and the podcast.  ADOO is also active on  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, and of course, Tumblr. A variety of ways to get what I post.

It is a bit dizzying thinking of the amount of hours I’ve invested this past 12 months. You see, ADOO functions only because of me. There’s no team or partner.  On occasion, keeping up with new Outlander content my  sleep even ends up shortchanged. A real sacrifice considering  I’m a regularly sleep deprived working midwife.  This is a work of love indeed.

I’ve greatly enjoyed reading your comments and having deep discussions on the variety of platforms with many of you.

A special shout out to Alastair Stephens and Lani Diana Rich of The Scot and The Sassenach,  Ginger and Summer of  The Outlander Podcast , and Mary and Blake of  Outlander Cast for being supportive and inclusive when I jumped in to the podcasting pool.  Thank you for being so kind and patient when I asked questions or needed guidance.

To all my followers, without you none of this would matter. Thank you for your support, thoughts, feedback, listening, and reading. Thank you for being receptive to my voice among the many in the Outlanderverse.

As a final note, I will continue to post and podcast during the show hiatus with interviews, book related topics, character analysis, a whole lot about Scotland, and anything else I can come up with.

Time to go blow out some candles and welcome ADOO into year two.

6 thoughts on “ADOO Is 1 Year Old

  1. How exciting. You’re such a pro at this that I had no idea ADOO was actually still a wee infant. Kudos to you and I eagerly look forward to year two.


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