Season 2 Character Casting Announcements 

The casting for Season 2 is exploding this week. As with Season 1, impressive choices thus far. Welcome to the Outlander family.

Rosie Day as Mary Hawkins a shy girl whom Claire takes a liking to. In time she proves to be a very important character.  Find her on Twitter @RosieDayDream.

Andrew Gower as his highness Bonnie Prince Charles the key to an historic event.  Find him on Twitter @TheAndrewGowan.

Natalie Spence as a wife. I wonder if she will have a tryst with a famous character. Find her on Twitter @nataliespence20 and Facebook.

Romann Berrux as much beloved Fergus (Claudel) an orphaned street child with a soecialty in pickpocketing who Jamie adopts. Incredible adventures await.

Dominique Piñon as Master Raymond. Sorcerer? Magician? Apothecary? What is he exactly? I am most excited about meeting him onscreen.

Robert Cavanah as Jamie’s wine merchant cousin Jared Fraser.

Stanley Weber as Le Comte St. Germain a mysterious and intriguing character who is involved in politics and society. Find him on Facebook, Twitter @Stanleyweber, and Instgram.

Each one will bring something special to the screen. Sister Hildegard, King Louis, Alexander Randall, Roger MacKenzie Wakefield, and Brianna Fraser are certainly on deck to be announced. A very exciting wait indeed.

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3 thoughts on “Season 2 Character Casting Announcements 

  1. Good grief! Was there ever a more beautiful child than Romann Berrux? And Diana said he’s doing a fine job with the acting, too. This is getting very exciting.


  2. Conny says:

    almost every child is cute/beautiful. Alas he’s not the type of French child depicted in the books-DG admitted so herself. I guess he had just the best acting skills available. And he’s already 14, so the pic’s probably a bit outdated. Too bad, I’d have liked to see a “real” Fergus.


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