Season 2 Outlander Teaser Trailer 

Finally, a Season 2 trailer was released today by Outlander Starz. It has been a long droughtlander period for fans. This video comes at the right time, to help us handle the next few months. Thankfully, we’re on the downward slope toward the season 2 premiere.

With S2 being based on Dragonly in Amber, the second book in the Diana Gabaldon series, expect there will be extreme highs, lows, threats, and immense beauty. The beloved Jamie and Claire Fraser will try and change the future with her foreknowledge. There will be new characters to meet, old favorites to revisit, and as with all adaptations, added tales and twists. Diana Gabaldon even wrote an upcoming episode and recently joined the team in Scotland during filming.

I am counting down and cannot wait to see THE RED DRESS, Master Raymond, Prince Charlie, and many other notable scenes and characters. I especially look ahead to Claire and Jamie growing together, Jamie healing, and the deepening of their love.

As a side note, there are rumors that S3 has been greenlighted.

Please enjoy the video and screencaps.




The screen captures and video are property of Starz.

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