Hot and Lusty Married Sex

Hot and lusty married sex ought be the tagline for what Jamie and Claire beautifully portray.  From the books to the onscreen Starz adaptation, this concept is clearly represented between them. The Entertainment Weekly cover and article set the internet on fire February 25, 2016, with a photo shoot almost to blazing to handle. Sure the cover and photos are sexy and provocative, however, the compelling part is the wildly fantastic portrayal of married couple sexy. How positively scandalous, the idea that a married couple can have this type of torrid intimate life.


That is, and has been a bold hallmark of the Outlander book series, so deftly written by Diana Gabaldon. Now with the addition of the convincing translation to the screen by Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, it’s a truly in our face point of view. Passionate, smoldering, connected, and committed couple sex speaks volumes against the stereotype of boring, dry bedded marriage that is still a prevalent notion in many cultures today. Claire embodies the modern idea that women not only can and do enjoy sex, but also can want and need sex. A wife can show her desire and delight in him-to delight in sex. It is a love language they share.

There is a balance of power in all aspects of their relationship. They are equal partners. I believe this is one of the reasons fans are deeply connected and committed to Jamie and Claire. Their whole relationship speaks…the raw, gritty, real, sometimes volatile, and purely sexy nature of them, is most irresistible and draws one in. Individually, they are amazing and compelling characters, together they bring out the best, the most, the potential, the growth, and strengthens the weaknesses in each other. A healthy relationship should have these traits. Modeling this, in the aspect of marital sexuality is a gift and should be applauded. Down with the stodgy stereotypes. Up with passion, openness, great sex, and voracity for each other.

The EW shoot keeps up this viewpoint to be sure.


Speaking to the onscreen adaptation, Caitriona and Sam have a high degree of chemistry and are utterly believable that they are in love with each other. They ARE Claire and Jamie. There is no doubt. This is proof positive of their talent level. They are not an in real life couple. They are not really Claire and Jamie. They are Caitriona and Sam. They are real people, with real lives outside of their job. They’ve done such an incredible job giving us Claire and Jamie, that some fans cannot believe they are not a couple. They are not to be convinced. Sam is most kind, interacts with fans on social media, and stated again in the EW article, they are not a pair. I am not sad they are not a couple, I am sad some fans cannot and will not believe this and hound Caitriona and Sam about it.

Sam Heughan doesn’t like to let down the fans.

But the hunky star of Outlander – Starz’s hit series that returns April 9 – always feels like he’s the bearer of bad news when he has to remind folks of the fact that he and his onscreen wife, Caitriona Balfe (Claire Fraser), aren’t an item in real life.

“I think there was a little bit of upset by some fans,” Heughan admits to EW. “It slightly saddens me but I guess it means that we’ve done a good job.”

Damned straight, Sam. You two have done a great job! I hope these mad fans simmer down and move along.


For some, I am sure the EW cover and photos read as titillation to gain viewers. For me, it is the elevation of committed, healthy, awesome married sex. There can be no Jamie and Claire without the physical expression. Sometimes they throw things, are quiet together, fight, and sometimes it’s mild or wild sex. They do it well.

And as I’m looking down the line into future seasons, I predict future scandalous images will be an excellent representation of fabulous middle-aged married sex. Until then, please enjoy some of the other exclusive EW photos.





All photos courtesy of the Entertainment Weekly article. Outlander Starz on social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and the official website.


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4 thoughts on “Hot and Lusty Married Sex

  1. Shelley Shackelford says:

    As much as I love everything about Outlander, hot married sex is one of the best parts. My husband of 34 years will agree, it’s a real thing! Oh, and I’m glad they aren’t a real-life couple – let’s take no chances on upsetting that on-screen chemistry!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I totally agree with you. Outlander is about a marriage and hot married sex can certainly be a great part of it. It gets you through the hard times. Why shouldn’t we promote that if it gets more people into the show and/or the books?


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