A Darker Side Of Intrigue, The Next Chapter Trailer and Stills

Several promotional trailers have been popping up. This one posted by Diana Gabaldon this morning, shows a darker side of intrigue that is to come. The Next Chapter shows the beauty and the upcoming conflict. Many key players have been added to the mix, King Louis XV, Le Comte St. Germain, Prince Charles Stuart, Louise de Roth, Master Raymond, Mother Hildegarde, and Mary Hawkins, to name a few.  The familiar faces of The Duke of Sandringham, Murtagh, Black Jack Randall, The Murrays, and the clan MacKenzie make their presence known, while Claire and Jamie hatch a wild plan to stop Bonny Prince Charles from following through with his ill-fated plan to reclaim the throne.

For those viewers who have not read the books, it is going to be a great leap from the outdoor landscapes of the Scottish Highlands to the luxurious and colorful contrast of the French court. Never fear dearies, there will be a return to Scotland, with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Jamie and Claire are fortified as they walk through the fires of Season 2.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Beyond what I have said already, Jamie seems to lack confidence and shows a sullenness I would not expect. He appears lesser than himself. Smaller somehow.  I know he is still recovering from Wentworth since inadequate time was given toward healing and reclamation of self and together as a couple at the Season 1 conclusion. Perhaps it is to make the pain that much greater in seeing Black Jack Randall again and the hurt that much deeper in what Claire asks of him. It’s most difficult to extrapolate any true meaning from short snippets of 13 episodes. Only time will tell as the episodes reveal themselves starting in April.  And, I wonder, do you prefer the prettily coiffed men of Paris or the more earthy men of The Highlands?

Please enjoy the stills. I look forward to your thoughts and comments.


Louise de Rohan

Claire Fraser arriving.

Welcome to Versailles.

Chess, a game of strategy and information culling.

Your Grace. Prince Charles. Jamie greets him.

Claire and Jamie at odds.

Walking the grounds of Versailles.

Prince Charles Stuart

Louise de Rohan

The Bonny Prince and The Duke of Sandringham. Such a double dealing opportunist the Duke is.

The Comte St. Germain.

The Comte looking suspicious.

You jest!

Tough days ahead.


The serious Prince Charles.

Le Comte looking on.

Jamie, a confidant and a foil to the Bonny Prince.

The beautiful apartment.

God is calling him to bring the clans together. It is God’s will he says.

He is not a happy Comte.

CLAIRE! At the duel, she lies bleeding. Heartbreaking.

All screen capture photos are the property of Starz.

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Murtagh. Dougal. At battle.


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7 thoughts on “A Darker Side Of Intrigue, The Next Chapter Trailer and Stills

  1. “Jamie seems to lack confidence and shows a sullenness I would not expect. He appears lesser than himself. Smaller somehow.”
    This really struck a chord when I first read it in one of your posts but I thought, maybe its just in the editing, maybe they used fleeting expressions I wouldn’t have chosen. However, in the Starz publicity, although they do show some more dimension, this continues to be an issue for me.
    In DIA, Jamie can be sullen along with the various other shades of his robust temper. But I had hoped that in season 2 they would emphasize some other aspects of his grown up self. It does look like we’ll see more of his intelligence but, whatever their mixed feelings, Jamie’s general mastery and charisma has to be at its height for him to play the number of roles he’s juggling. PLUS, remember he enjoys some of the intrigue and they both certainly have a sense of humor about some aspects.
    One related question: I haven’t reread that part of Outlander for a long time, but, even though Jamie gave Claire the final say, wasn’t it Jamie who first decided to go to Charles’ court – which they first thought was in Italy? So far they seem to be making it Claire’s idea, where I thought her knowledge was just the basis for something Jamie decided to do. Does anyone remember that detail?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Interesting, may be why he looks somewhat not as we would expect. I hope and think they’ll get the balance right by the time they get a bit into the season. Can’t wait!


  2. Season 2 looks to be very interesting and different than Season 1. Is it known whether or not STARZ is going to broadcast all 13 episodes at once or split Season 2 as they did Season 1? I hope they show them all at once.


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