Beloved Characters Onscreen ET Exclusive Video

In a new Entertainment Tonight exclusive interview spot with Outlander stars, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, reveals three additional characters, all beloved by  fans who’ve been excitedly waiting to see them onscreen.

Mother Hildegarde, Master Raymond, and Fergus coming to life is a big deal to book fans. So adored these characters, I actually squealed each of their names as the video flashed by them. I’m not too proud to admit it. I don’t believe I am the only one to experience this outburst of anticipated happiness.

Who are these three in a nutshell?

Master Raymond is an all time favorite character that is deftly layered with mystery, benevolence,  a power touch, and exquisite knowledge. He too, is a healer or dealer in the alternative medicinal arts. He knows the words on the street. The gossip freely enters his shop. He’s most colorful. The connection between him and Claire cannot be denied. It’s intangible, but undoubtedly real. There’s much more at play here than simple knowledge of herbs and mysticism. Be on the look out.

Master Raymond

Mother Hildegarde plays a surprisingly key role in this upcoming season. She may be a nun and a formidable healer at L’Hôpital des Anges, but, she is also a finely trained musician. A meaningful friendship is forged between her and Claire. A trust is built. The story that is to unfold, is full of intrigue, support, and life altering paths. She is in the thick of it with them.

Mother Hildegarde

Dear Claudel, renamed Fergus, is adopted by Jamie out of the whorehouse where he was born. He is a pickpocket and reliable messenger. He goes to work for them and the mission at hand. He finds a place of belonging and purpose with The Frasers. Expect t see him for seasons to come.

Claudel aka Fergus

Season 2 is so far looking fierce! I gathered a few other screen captured stills for your enjoyment.


Le Comte St. Germain


Jamie and Claire in their lavish apartment.


The opulent display of the grounds.

All photos courtesy of Starz via the Entertainment Tonight video interview.

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