Fierceness, Fighting, and Finery JamieTrailer S2 

This is Jamie in full bloom. His fierceness, his fighting, and finery are part of what make him the “King of Men”. It’s not a forced demeanor, it is simply who he is. This depth of leadership and honor, loyalty and countenance, is necessary to bringing Jamie completely to the screen. Sam Heughan seamlessly transforms into this much beloved and iconic character. It is a brave action to take on a character as this-so many preconceived ideas, and so well-loved for decades in the minds and hearts of books fans. He IS an ideal man for many. Sam is doing him justice.

Jamie is not all fight and fury. He is tender and passionate, loving Claire with every fiber of his being, a born leader to care for his men and family, even his country. He is learned and well spoken, in several languages. A renaissance man. He has two things he cannot do well, he lacks musicality after a head injury (thank you Uncle Dougal) and he gets horrendously seasick.  So, take some pleasure dear men, he is no perfect after all.

I hope you enjoy the screen captures stills. I know I do!
 He is hers, alone. 
  He rides into the future.
  He challenges.  His ferocity is bad to the bone.
  He makes tough decisions.
  He leads.


With only six days left in droughtlander, the tick tock of the clock is getting louder. We nearly have made it through the long, dark months.

All photos and video property of Starz

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