81 Through A Glass, Darkly S2 E1 Screen Caps

81 screen caps from Through a Glass, Darkly S2 E1 for you to enjoy. Each frame seems to tell its own story. How would you caption them oh so clever readers?

1. Oh my head. The noise. The nightmare.
2.  I’m alive.3. What year is it?
4.  No.5. It’s burned up.
6. Damn you Craigh na Dun.
9.  Not again, this bloody road.10. I’m feeling followed.
11.  TELL ME.12. All for not.
13.  All lost. All gone. Dead and buried.14. Where is SHE?
15.  What am I going to say? What? How? 16. Peering through a glass, darkly.
17.  Where did the plaid come from?18. Sensory overload.
19.  I’m baaaaack.20. Hello sweetie.
21.  Just a touch…22. Don’t touch me.
23.  Damned paparazzi.24. I need Mrs. Graham.
25.  What? Huh?26. My wardrobe is a tad out of date.
27. Festival garb, really Claire you’re into re-enactment now?  28. Meanwhile at the Reverend’s house…
29.  Is she telling yet?30. Here smell it.
31.  Fairies? Och no, the bloody stones.32. What are they talking about?
 33.  Too much war.34. He had no idea what the word f*ck meant. We had a good laugh about it.
35.  Mrs. Graham knows what to do.36. There’s not enough booze to handle this story.
37.  Hm. Okay, so you’re a time traveling bigamist still in love with your other husband. 38. I love you, I love you, I love you…
39.  Your lips are moving but I can’t understand a word you are saying.40. Another. Man’s. Baby. WTF!?!?!?
41.  He may as well call her a whore too. Everyone else has.42. Careful Frank…
43.  You cannot frighten me. 44. He’s not BJR. He’s not BJR. He’s not BJR.
45.  Crap officially lost all over the garage.46. I hate this junk.
47.  I’m sterile. 48. What conditions?
49.  Now, you can touch me. 50. Awkward.
51.  I might never be happy again.52. As part of giving Him up.
53.  LEAVE it on Claire. Leave it on. 54. Into the looking glass.
55.  No words.56. Sobs. it burnses.
57.  What have I agreed to?58. This is my life now.
59. One more step… 60. The smile is no for Frank.
61. Reaching into the future.  62. The memory her smile was about.
63.  Welcome to Le Havre, Sassenach.64. Murtagh ruining the moment. Gee thanks man.
65.  Sassenach, I’m tired. Do we have to talk political intrigue NOW?66. No more rockin’ bed.67.  You can do it!68. Cousin Jared that’s a mighty fine wig yer sportin’ or is it?
69.  Incoming kiss…just kidding. Psych.70. I’ll see your Jacobite leanings and raise you a flogging (or two) and busted up hand.
71. You no trust ME? Me?72. Uh oh. It’s the pox. 73. Who is here for me to insult?!
74.  HELLLLLOOOOO, it’s the smallpox. Duh.75. I will not forgive you…vulgar pig.

76. So our lives have been threatened. Pish.

77. There you go again, Sassenach. Making friends and influencing people.
78. The fans sigh, finally…the kiss we’ve been waiting for. Welcome back Jamie.  79. That ship, she burns real pretty like.
80. I hate you all, peasants.

81. The harbor is so lovely lit up just so.

All screen capture photos are the property of Starz.

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