Mais Oui – Not in Scotland Anymore Trailer, Screen Caps S2 E2

Just like Jamie and Claire, we are definitely not in Scotland anymore. Gone are the rolling hills, kilts aplenty, clan life, and living sometimes in the rough. The Fraser’s have arrived in France and are heading to the French Court thanks to fast friend, Louise de Rohan.

Jamie and Claire plan to infiltrate the Jacobite supporters and get close to Bonny Prince Charlie himself, in order to stop the impending uprising. He’ll do whatever it takes, even if it means frequenting “men’s clubs” to do business with the Prince.

The glitz and glamour of court life is fraught with rumors, danger, and self-serving motivation.

To Versailles they go.

With Louise de Rohan and other ladies.She’s the life of the social scene.  What is that you say?
  Claire cleans up well to play the part.

 A drinking and whoring they go. 
Ingratiating himself.  The King likes what he sees. 
  Dealings abound.

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Trailer found on The Outlander Br.

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