Of Honeypots – Secrets of Outlander – Part 2 – Elle.com

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan strike again as they speak of honeypots and a few more things, in this cute and quick “Secrets of Outlander Part 2” video from Elle,  They are an incredibly easy duo to interview. Always in kind spirits and exuding fine humour to the delight of fans.

Apparently only waxing a honeypot will do! Keep those razors away ladies (and gents) from your more sensitive areas. Those wacky 18th century French court ladies, putting the shock upon Jamie.

Great news for those who are already missing the “old Jamie”, rest assured he will be back in full effect later in the season upon their return to Scotland. For now, we get to see a different side of him within the Paris court and politicking it up.

As for Claire’s memory coming into question, we must remember she likes to live in whatever present she is in. As for history, she’s into it for the medical side of things, and clearly not the political to be sure. It’s easy to see that living with Frank only rubbed off so much knowledge, and not because she tried to learn it.

Screen caps and video courtesy of Elle.com.

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