Podcast – Not in Scotland Anymore S2 E2 Recap and Review

Clearly “Not in Scotland Anymore”, Jamie and Claire are running cousin Jared’s home and wine business. Keeping to task they are trying to make way into the Jacobite cause and the French Court.  This episode is a fast and furious,full of feelings, new character laden, and at once a serious and heavily humorous 1745 Paris joyride.

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8 thoughts on “Podcast – Not in Scotland Anymore S2 E2 Recap and Review

  1. Thank you for the recap and review of Episode 2.02. Did you notice that in the opening dream sequence that Jamie has no scars on his back? This is the first clue that it is a dream, but it also gives us some insight into how Jamie would like to see himself as he makes love to Claire. Unmarked by physical and psychological abuse. That opening was so shocking and immediately made us aware that Jamie has a long way to go before he is healed. Those of us who have read the books know that Black Jack haunts Jamie and Claire for the rest of their lives, but we will see them regain their intimacy in DIA.


  2. Louise Tellalian says:

    Give Jaime time for goodness sake. There are so many things for him to contend with besides the BJR baggage. Seeing many of the comments in Sunday’s edition, some folks just can’t wait to see C&J get it on. In the pre season interviews, Sam indicated that episode 5 is what will restore The old Jaime though I doubt the carefree 23 year old will reappear. His sense of honor is being tested in all his dealings with the Jacobites, the lies, the dishonesty in general preys on him. Those of us who have read the books have that me,Roy for the Jaime of later books who is super human at times.


    • Thank you for your comments. It’s not about them getting it on, it’s about them bring a couple, him living and not in stasis mode of being partly alive. I do see your points as well,


  3. LCPrincess says:

    Enjoyed your review very much! Yours is the first to really question where is Jamie? The lighthearted reveal of the honeypot was the perfect time for J & C to reconnect sexually, and, therefore, emotionally, but the writer (of whom I am not fond) chose to go dark with that scene. I know Jamie has a lot to contend with, but as Ron has said many, many times, they have to progress things quicker in the series than is in the books. Jamie is not progressing at all. I also could not agree more with what you said about there being silly moments that could have been left out to make more time for more important things. I say all of this looking at the series separately from the book.


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