Podcast – Useful Occupations and Deceptions S2 E3 Review

In this S2 E3 episode, Useful Occupations and Deceptions, Jamie Fraser is up to his political eyeballs trying to find out all he can of Prince Charles’ plan to forge toward a rebellion and retake the throne for his family. While Claire becomes bored as a Lady, and is finding her groove again as a healer. Murtagh finds a wee spring in his step named Suzette. A cute and talented pickpocket is employed. A nun serves well. All is not happy at home though…

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5 thoughts on “Podcast – Useful Occupations and Deceptions S2 E3 Review

  1. Jolie Kelly says:

    You are exactly right about Jamie. The writers of the Starz series just do not understand the character and the story of Jamie and Claire.


  2. Good review and recap. I too am baffled by the timeline. Claire would have gotten pregnant at Lallybroch. She had morning sickness immediately following Wentworth at the Abbey and on board the ship. She mentioned morning sickness in this episode which should be over by now. She should be further along in her pregnancy and she should have felt the baby move. The timelines are out of phase if you use the progression of the pregnancy as your measuring stick. We will likely see more of the pregnancy and its impact on J & C in the next episode. It has to happen before they see BJR again and Tobias said he comes back in episode 5. Based on some of the preview photos and the trailers, I suspect that it will be the fact that they both feel the baby move that will make it real to them that they created this life out of their deep love for each other. This is their hope, their future. That will be the key to intimacy returning to their marriage. They need that and we need to see it. I also think that coming face to face with BJR will be what unlocks the prison Jamie’s psyche has been in. He can now kill him in reality instead of in his nightmares where he never stays dead.


  3. You are spot on! I couldn’t agree more with ALL of your review. Where is Jamie and Claire and why does she even want to stay there? They have not developed Jamie and Claire’s special connection at all. Jamie should be larger than life, and not just physically. He could demand presence just by his words and his quick whit. I personally believe they have missed many opportunities to show this and it seems very deliberate. I will still watch it because I love these books, but I am very disappointed with RM’s take on Jamie and even “bossy” Claire. In a deleted scene she call Jamie a “stable boy”. Not I know they deleted it but it shows me what direction they are going with Claire and Jamie, not a team but Claire being too disrespectful to Jamie, not soul-mates. Now I am a trauma nurse and when they have Claire doing any medical stuff – that I get, she totally gets in the mode and shuts everything else out, so good! Would like to see more of it and the development of their relationship. And yes I know it’s an adaption BUT!!


  4. Racquel Morgan says:

    I am enjoying the season to a certain extent, but the reason I am so engrossed by the books & loved the first season was of course the connection, intimacy, and love between Claire & Jamie . That’s what keeps me coming back and although so far that has been disappointing, I saw a glimmer in 203, by Anne Kenney. Jamie, I know, is suffering from BJR’s horrific treatment, but he dealt with it so much better in the book that allowed Jamie & Claiire to build on their relationship and to have a very pleasing sexual life. In the show it feels like the are not even sleeping in the same room. They are still newlyweds, not even married a year yet and should still have the feelings they had in the first season. There is so much ahead that is displeasing, I was hoping the front end would at least show their feelings toward each other, touching, kissing, genuine respect and admiration. Instead, I feel Claire is manipulating him. I also dislike the hairstyle she has when it’s up. It gives her a very cold, hard look, which may turn nonbook readers off to her. She needs a softening to that look & Jamie’s logic, intuitiveness, and the fact that he is so intelligent, needs to be brought out & Claire & Jamie need to be on equal footing.

    From the title of the next episode, I’m afraid will start a downward spiral that will take a bit of time to get through but I hope will lead to what I’m hoping it will.

    Thanks again for your podcast, it gave me a lot to ponder.


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