Tobias Menzies Spills Outlander “Secrets” with

In’s latest video interview installment, Tobias Menzies spills Outlander “secrets”. The versatile actor reprises his dual role as Frank Randall and Captain Randall in the second season of the Starz original programming.

For the record, he explains he has no idea how a fetus would handle time travel. It’s a bit baffling the business of it all.

Of course for a man of history and research it’s a difficult truth to take in. How could he not believe Claire though in the end? 

More of finding out your long lost wife is carrying another man’s child. Yes, that’s a harsh reality for any man to take in. 

No. That about sums up his answer. You need difficulties to create good viewing or it would be boring.

These are short and sweet interviews. Not a whole lot of secrets, yet fun nonetheless.

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