The Band is Back Together. Jamie and Claire. S2 E4

It has been a long, rocky, and disconnected road for our Jamie and Claire Fraser since Wentworth. The result, Jamie turned into a ghost, a shell to himself and his life mate, Claire. Beyond the functional compartmentalized business of life, the damage left behind sowed devastating crops in the quiet and private spaces. A most distressing decline for this couple, the team, the marriage, we fans love and root for. If Jamie cannot heal. If their relationship cannot recover. It’s almost too much like real life. It has to get better, I keep saying. Even with the baby and the pregnancy virtually ignored, their body language speaking of loss, pain, and longing, Jamie unable to rebuild the shattered internal spaces to reclaim himself and his marriage…something has to give. The give finally comes in the form of a confession. After what looks like months of knowing, Claire tells him Jack Randall is alive. As I have said in my podcast, this truth, instead of being further devastation to Jamie’s psyche, is the catalyst to bringing him out of hiding, to truly begin the halted and difficult healing process. This piece of information granted Jamie access to the dark place, allowing light to shine in, stirring him back toward himself and his wife. In essence bringing the band back together for what should be a phenomenal reunion tour for Jamie and Claire.

FINALLY. I whispered it, shouted it, laughed it. FINALLY he is returning to himself and moving forward. FINALLY he can find his way back to Claire. And many sighed in and out, deep cleansing breaths held long and steadfast for this man and this couple. FINALLY.

Seeing Jamie come back to life with such joy returning, is also bittersweet with the aftertaste of revenge. At whatever cost to have him return it feels like. What will his payment be for revenge being the spark? After this hellish road just traversed, I’m a bit scared to even think of it.  For now, he has a shelter and a roof in Claire, and a purpose to fulfill to cleanse his pain.

Jamie’s glee at feeling aroused without seeing the face of Randall, is tempered by the ill-gotten way he discovers this fact. Getting randy with a whore, whether or not it is in the babysitting the Prince job description, is never the best idea. It’s especially a poor idea when your wife is pregnant and aching for your touch. Jamie’s practical sense of “look what I can do” again versus Claire’s point of view, is a clash that breaks down into the core of Jamie. The exposure of his nakedness under the blade of grass, a necessary truth Claire needed to know. It is necessary for him fully expose himself to Claire. There’s a line between secrets and lies. This secret was twisting in to a lie that looked and felt like a forever truth to Jamie. His speaking out loud, shattered the lie into pieces. Now the work, the finding of one another, the shelter can be built on a once again solid foundation, instead of memories of what was. Claire believing all he said, then seeking him out, asking him to find her, to find them, is seed of hope and transformation that takes root. 

The intimacy of thought and body returning quells the ache and squeezes the heart to contented tears. It’s not simply sex, it’s the proximity to each other, the knowing looks, the thoughts shared without words, the kisses, the small touches, the protectiveness, the togetherness as a team. Sex is a primary mode of safety and communication between them. It’s their place of re-connection, validation, and acts as a salve to the days of challenge.

Jamie may think revenge is the key to his wellness, but no…their resumed all-encompassing intimacy is the key, and the hope, and the answer.

Now ahead we go, adventuring through days of unknown with this couple intact. New memories to make. Love to grow. Plots to work. The band is indeed back together!

I applaud Toni Graphia for her deft skill and understanding of these characters. She wrote the love back in. She found the vehicle to get them to the destination of togetherness once more.  She found Jamie. Jamie found Claire.

Click on the thumbnails to see the screen caps in full size. These show the difference between them. Sigh. Finally.


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