Family, Debts, Black Jack Returns Untimely Resurrection S2 E5 Podcast Review

Delights, fights, plots galore, and a few horses asses come out to play in Untimely Resurrection, this well written piece by Richard Kahan. This episode is all about family, debts owed, and the fallout from Black Jack returning.

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22 thoughts on “Family, Debts, Black Jack Returns Untimely Resurrection S2 E5 Podcast Review

  1. I believe the Duke had summoned BJR to Paris to lead Jamie into a trap and I don’t think he told BJR that Jamie and Claire were in Paris. He wanted to set up this conflict. The Duke knows that dueling is illegal and what the consequences would be. He wants to neutralize Jamie and what better way than to have him challenge BJR to a duel and then make sure that the gens d’arm are alerted about it so that Jamie would be arrested. (Even if it meant that BJR got arrested as well or killed in the duel – what does the Duke care about anyone but himself?). There was the comment he made when Jamie mentioned that some of the prisoners at the Bastille had been there for decades. I think the Duke’s response was a foreshadowing. I am a book reader so I see Le Comte as the mastermind of the attempts on Claire’s life as a red herring as well. It is too obvious and in our faces. The association between Le Comte and the Duke is not in the book, but I can see where it could work in the TV series. They both want Jamie and Claire out of the way and perhaps they are working together to that end, but the true villain and user is the Duke. I am glad Diana wrote Episode 12 “Revenge is Mine”. I will have a dram and raise a toast when the Duke gets what is coming to him. Go Murtagh!


  2. Loved your podcast as always. Many things you touched on that I forget. I have a lot of feelings about this episode. I thought it was well done for a first-time Outlander writer, Richard, Kahan. You could tell he is reading the books and knows his characters. What I really disliked was Claire. I found her to be a conniver, manipulator, deceitful with everyone, including Jamie. She had a very hard look with her hair put up, when she was doing all her maneuvering, trying to destroy, it seemed, everyone else’s happiness. You saw the softness when her hair was down and she was connecting with Jamie.

    How can such a smart woman be so dumb? I am a book reader but at this point in the book, and even your husband, a non-book reader, still thought of the possibility that Frank’s chart could be wrong and that he would still be part of the Randall geneology pool, if only she wasn’t having such funnel vision.

    What I really loved was the confrontation of Claire and BJR in front of the King, where there was such hatred but could not be spoken, and when Jamie came and didn’t even look at BJR, got his digs in anyway, and how stifled they were in their “confrontation.” It was pure delight. Loved BJR’s humiliation by the King. Oh, of course BJR was already in France but that will probably come out in the next episode.

    It is really upsetting that Jamie and Claire are at odds again, but hopefully they will use thescene from the book when Jamie explains that he didn’t agree because she thinks she saved him more times than he saved her.

    I’m not that worried about next week’s episode, unless it ends with the horrors at the brothel, but Number 7, “Faith,” I’m sure I’ll need a box of tissues.


    • I agree with you Raquel. I don’t like that they are portraying TV Claire in such a negative way. She appears self serving, two-faced and mean spirited and that is not Book Claire. By changing the plot so that Claire knows that BJR is not dead early on, they set her up to first keep secrets from Jamie (that wasn’t so bad because her motives were not selfish) and then to interfere with those sweet young lovers Mary and Alex pretending that she was doing it for Mary’s sake. With friends like her, who needs enemies? This is not Book Claire. I can’t imagine her being so selfish. What she did to Jamie in the book was misguided and came from a place of desperate obsession to save Frank. It still made me scream at the book and want to hurl it across the room. Poor Jamie with nothing but a “lean to” to guard his wounded soul and she hits him with the “you owe me a life” wrecking ball. Bad form Book and TV Claire. Claire may be imperfect but she is not self serving. In her mind, she is doing this to save Frank, not to deny Jamie his vengeance or save BJR.


  3. Re Claire’s response to Jamie following Le Dame Blanche explanation, I also thought it was a discordant note. I’m not a stick to the book person, but I did prefer the “are you kidding!” banter, relieved that it saved her, and finally amused by the story, tone. The show scene does end with the bit of amusement but the rest would have taken no more time and brought something beyond the show’s default, Claire lecturing Jamie. Thankfully, in a rare change, they allowed Claire to let go of the lecture.
    I know it seems like a miniscule point to focus on, but it represents the problem so many of us have had since the beginning of the season: the infractions between Claire and Jamie consisting overwhelmingly of her lecturing or instructing him. I’m particularly happy that her tone is allowed to change in those few lines because I hope it is the beginning of a much needed readjustment. As it happens, things do at least change between Claire and Jamie. Even though banter is hardly where their communication end up, the mold is still broken and their final scene together is breathtaking. They had those moments of wonderful passionate dialog before they reconnected, but they felt abbreviated (as did the sex, IMO, but that’s maybe a different story). But in this episode, yes BJR and Louis in the garden – fantastic, but that last scene – sublime. Finally, deserved material and time, and Sam/Jamie are back in full to the last perfectly delivered line.


      • I am still thinking back to Ep1 where she tells Frank she has been desperately in love with this man for 2 years and carrying his baby. I am still waiting to see that. I guess those feelings won’t come back until after the king and being at Louise’s house, and they go back to Scotland. I always say, change a scene here, move a line there, but don’t change who the characters are. I am disturbed by Claire; maybe I was in the book too, but I read 8 books to show the love and connection between these two, no matter what gets thrown at them, and how they acted as a unit and they fit like pieces of a puzzle so solve all life’s problems.

        Voyager Spoiler ahead

        How Jamie says he missed being able to tell her all his heart and to be hisself with her, from what I see so far that is not happening and I’m sad.


      • Ah Racquel. I get it her strength supersedes her soft. How his recovery was mishandled impacted her character too. I’m hopeful with what is to come, we’ll see it, but if not, I’ll say it. I miss “my Claire” too. This is the Claire we get, I hope she becomes who we know.


  4. Thank you guys for making me feel I’m not imagining things. I still want the show to do well and keep going so I’m hoping a balance is still found. Even though I thought it was a problem they didn’t take healing further last season and, of course, had to address it now, they had other options. Trauma looks different in different cases. It’s common for victims to stay closer to one person they consider their anchor, whether they are able to think/speak about what happened or not, they can be generally more anxious, whatever face they can put on in public. Whether Jamie can look at Claire in a sexual way or not, there are so many ways their love for each other and connection could be shown. And the fact that Jamie isn’t shown to be worried about and solicitous to Claire and baby until recently is just odd.
    I can’t imagine how hard it is to make the decisions and choices it takes to turn these epics into seasons and then episodes so I can’t imagine I would do any better. It must be very difficult to make all those characters more than one dimensional, but I think they could have helped their leads with that much more.


  5. Except all this news about a new show worries me about who will be left with Outlander to keep it on track and what the timing is for next season. Seems Sam is really doing a lot of stuff to try to get other work. We couldn’t exist without Maril! and Terry and Jon Steele !! And with Ron’s love of boats, does he know about Jamie’s hate of boats?


  6. It may be that Ron Moore is negotiating to split Voyager into two seasons which may mean shorter seasons (normal is 10 per season) to get us more episodes to cover the enormous amount of material in the book. From a production perspective it is going to be difficult with so much happening at sea. Then you have 18th Century Scotland and West Indies and 20th Century Scotland and Boston. Many more time travel elements which means new sets, locations to find and of course the aging of our characters. I would accept two 10 episode seasons over another 13 episode season with no time for our characters to breathe. If they have not yet started filming, we can expect an even longer Draughtlander. I don’t think we are going to get a premier in April 2017 if they have not started production yet.


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