Podcast Best Laid Schemes Recap Review S2 E6

Jamie, Claire, and Murtagh must stop the wine sale going through to further compromise Prince Charles’ ability to get the uprising funded. Claire makes Jamie a promise. Murtagh is trusted and told everything. Le Comte St. Germain and Prince Charles are out of sorts. Black Jack causes Jamie to break his promise.  Schemes do not necessarily go according to plan. You will find this and so much more in this Outlander episode, Best Laid Schemes, written for television by Mathew B. Roberts and directed by Metin Huseyin.

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6 thoughts on “Podcast Best Laid Schemes Recap Review S2 E6

  1. Just listened to your podcast and overall, I agree that the highlights of this episode were seeing Jamie and Claire together loving each other and working together for an entire episode and finally telling Murtagh Claire’s secret. The theme of Jamie, Claire, Murtagh, Fergus and baby Fraser all being a family was very strong in this episode. The significance of the pregnancy was central and the scene where the baby kicks, and Jamie says “This is your father, I can’t wait to meet you” with Bear’s music beautifully supporting the scene was the highlight of that theme. This is a real person that they made and which they will soon meet and raise together. Wonderful, yet bittersweet knowing what is to come.

    There were some missed opportunities however that I think would have made this episode even stronger. There wasn’t a good transition from total separateness at the end of 205 to what appeared to be total togetherness in 206. Conflict resolution is what makes Jamie and Claire extraordinary and I think Matt Roberts should have shown that transition in the immediate aftermath of the fight to tighten that up. I believe it was the next morning and Claire was already at L’Hospital which seems to be where she goes when wants to avoid something or feel useful. She was tired when she got home, Jamie was giving her a foot rub and she seemed completely relaxed, like everything was wonderful. You could see that Jamie had something to get off his chest and the way the scene went was right out of the book.

    The choice was made to have us see Jamie telling Murtagh the truth about Claire from Claire’s POV looking through the window, and I can understand why they didn’t want us to hear that entire story because we all know it. At this mid-point in the season it would have been a good idea to remind the viewers why there are all there risking everything. There has been no significant mention of the stakes since episode 201. Had Claire told Murtagh that not only did she know the dates but that the Highland culture would be destroyed never to be reclaimed, even in her time, it would have strengthened Murtagh’s resolve and reminded us of the stakes as we move to Scotland for the second half.

    I found this episode a bit choppy because of scenes that didn’t seem to fit and the back and forth returning to the same venues multiple times. As you said, a lot of short scenes and only a few longer ones. The scene with Louise and her friends was unnecessary and out of place in this episode. They could have had Claire go to L’Hospital so that she wouldn’t be home worrying about Jamie and Murtagh while they derailed the wine shipment. That would be in character for Claire. Her advanced pregnancy is obvious. That scene was a waste for precious time. The scene with Mssr. Forez and the warning of Master Raymond also felt like it was just stuck in to set up what happens in the next episode, but it did not seem organic to me interrupted the flow of the episode.

    The way they handled Fergus ending up in the room with BJR was well done and so suspenseful. I was on tenterhooks. According to Matt Roberts, what happens to Fergus will be done in flashbacks and I trust that it will be handled carefully given that this is a child.

    From the time that Claire realizes that Jamie is dueling with BJR to the final and tragic end was riveting. I think Mother Hildegard knew very well that the bleeding was not normal and she was just trying to ease Claire’s mind, but it is was clear that even the next day Claire was not well. Cait did a wonderful job. BJR and Frank are so completely connected in her mind at this point that what she sees is Jamie and Frank fighting to the death not Jamie and BJR. The writers have done a wonderful job planting those seeds starting with Episode 201, blurring the lines between BJR and Frank in Claire’s mind.


    • Wanted to add that I think BJR was getting off on the fury in Jamie and put fuel on that fire when he said “How did she ever forgive you” deliberately taunting him. This is BJR’s idea of foreplay. He was probably having the last orgasm he will ever have given the injury he sustained. Poetic Justice.


    • I too just finished listening to the podcast, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Katherine, I wanted to hit on some of your points. I do believe Jamie sitting at the desk is the next morning, after last week’s “don’t touch me” ending. Jamie is a very thoughtful, logical, deep thinker, which I believe Matt Roberts brought out so well. We didn’t need a further confrontation because at this point, Jamie saw what’s ahead and what was important to him, Claire’s and the baby’s survival. He had already reconciled and that’s what he meant when he told Murtagh, “It’s complicated.”

      About the gossip scene, that was taken from the book, probably was unnecessary, but at this point in book Claire was confined to bed, obviously having a difficult pregnancy, and they were at her house gossiping about Jamie dueling a British soldier over a prostitue. That may be why it was included.

      I really enjoyed the closeness and loving between Jamie and Claire. When he asked if it was okay to make love with the baby, I don’t think it was because they hadn’t been intimate but my God, Claire went in one week from wearing that gorgeous gown at Versailles to waddling around, looking 15 months pregnant.

      Being a midwife, wouldn’t the baby be dropping at this advanced stage? Claire looked so uncomfortable. I don’t see how she managed to go or do anything.

      I loved how Matt connected book to show and gave us back the Jamie and Claire I watch and read about and for. I felt so panicked and out of breath at the end of this episode, I had to take breaks in my viewing, which I usually don’t.


  2. I very much enjoyed your podcast! Totally agree with you with the formation of the family and how important it is to them. I will be heartbroken in the next show and wonder which adaption they will take. Always interesting on their viewpoint and how they get to the same end. My only wish was that I think they finally have Jamie’s characters personality down in the last to episodes, they are only starting to get Claire to be not so bossy and listening to Jamie- her compassionate side. This last show (E6) had Claire more understanding, equal to Jamie, not motherly. Letting Jamie make the decisions for the highway robbery and her trusting in him was a starting point. I think this writer did a very good job understanding the equal bond between Jamie and Claire.


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