Faith S2 E7 – A Conversation – A Podcast Review

This podcast conversation and review on Faith S2 E7 is of difficult subject matter. As with watching the episode, please take good care when listening. Faith is more than a name…Jamie and Claire have faith in each other, in the future. The losses, great. The responsibility, shared.  The blame belongs on no one. Fergus is family. Claire pays a price seeking a private audience with the King. Le Comte St. Germain and Master Raymond are in harms way. Friendship weaves throughout. This is the best episode yet in both seasons.

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7 thoughts on “Faith S2 E7 – A Conversation – A Podcast Review

  1. I had no trouble hearing you. I agree 100% with your comments about this episode. It was handled with such sensitivity and allowed us to be carried along with Claire in her grief and loss. If this does not get Caitriona Balfe and Outlander an Emmy award then there is no justice in the world. I agree about the 1954 scene not fitting but some people liked it and felt it gave them a moment of comfort and also helped to emphasize just what Claire had lost when she lost Faith. I immediately forgot it once the Blue Heron was in flight and allowed myself to be carried away. My first tears were during the homecoming scene when Bear McCreary’s beautiful and mournful music was played. That same music was use at the end at Faith’s gravesite. No one can evoke emotion like Bear McCreary. I also found the use of silence and the ticking clock in the final scene with Jamie and Claire very effective. Time passing, hearts beating, and a deafening silence because the pain of loss was so great. WOW!!! This has now become my #1 episode in both seasons with “The Wedding” being moved to #2. As a book reader on my 4th read (Currently reading Drums of Autumn) I have been impressed with the adaptations of these incredibly long books into so few hours of television with all the binding constraints that entails. I like having alternative scenarios as long as they could have happened in Diana’s world. The casting has been remarkable. Every supporting actor has been perfect in their role and I have to say that I will miss some of the characters we have to say good-bye to as we leave Paris but look forward to reuniting with Jenny, Ian, Rufus, Angus, and even Dougal and Colum in the second half.


  2. The more I watch the episode — just caught it again on one of the Starz channels — the less I hate Jamie’s beard. I stopped looking at it after that initial Whoa !! And now I watch his eyes, his body gestures, his pain, and the love he shows for Claire. That all seems to circumvent the scruffiness below.


    • It’s not a look I don’t want to see him sporting all the time. But it is absolutely fitting for the scene and it makes complete sense. That’s an interesting adjustment of attitude and perception.. I like it


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