Old Fox’s Lair Podcast Review Recap S2 E8

In this Outlander S2 E8 episode, Old Fox’s Lair, Jamie and Claire find themselves back to Lallybroch in Scotland after their misadventures and grief in France. 8 months of freedom and family life unseen, potatoes are harvested, Ian and Jenny have a new baby, and a letter to change everything arrives. Off to Grandsire’s to convince Lord Lovat to which way he should go with the rebellion now in Scotland. Oh, but there’s a big shark in our midst. You know who I mean. Time nor punishment has not improved her outlook on matters.

Listen in to find out what I think!

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(I realized after publication I made an error in saying Prestonpans was the next episode. My apologies.) 

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One thought on “Old Fox’s Lair Podcast Review Recap S2 E8

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you….”The Fox’s Lair” just made me angry, disappointed and wondering where in the world such poor writing came from. If Ron D Moore and his crew of writers continue to f–k up the story in such a blatant way, I’m done! I am a devoted fan of the books, have been for well over 20 years, and I do understand the need for adaptation, but I don’t believe it is necessary to change the theme of the story in order to show it. Colum should not have been there, Laoghaire should not have been there and Claire certainly shouldn’t have been shown as stupid. I was enjoying the TV series very much, thought they were doing an excellent job considering the mountain of material contained in Diana’s books, but not so much now. Let’s hope this is just one very poorly written episode and the material can be salvaged. Somehow I think I am whistling into the wind, there are just too many mistakes in “The Fox’s Lair”. I fear the remainder of this season will be fuel for my ire and if so there isn’t any redemption for season 3, at least for me.


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