Prestonpans…The Fight Begins…S2 E10 Preview

The planning. The plotting. The preparation. The uprising is moving forward. Prestonpans a battle that will be of historic significance, is here. Prince Charles will not stop. He has his eyes on England herself. Folly it may be. He has a claim to the throne.

Jamie Fraser has the world riding upon his shoulders. He has the Prince’s trust, and many look to him as a great leader. savvy and strong He is the King of Men after all, and no less is expected. With Claire and his men by his side, he can and will do whatever it takes to get the job done well.  I imagine he has his own side plan in play that must succeed no matter the ultimate outcomes.

Will he remain in the Prince’s good graces?   Will Claire’s foreknowledge continue to be true?  What would a win here mean?

As ready as they can be, into the mist they go to fight the English.

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Video preview from The Outlander BR.

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