Caitriona Balfe Tweets The Prestonpans Episode

Caitriona Balfe graciously tweeted during the 9pm ET airing of Prestonpans S2 E10. She shows ample love to her cast mates and crew alike. Her humor is never far behind. She’s a thoughtful one, Ms. Balfe.

You can watch and read-along with the list compiled tweets to get her scene by scene take. The italicized thoughts are my responses to her tweets.

  1. .Are we ready ???? #Prestonpans #Outlander !!!!!! @Outlander_STARZ
  2. Written by the wonderful #irabehr and directed by @philiprjohn !!!
  3. This scene was a interesting one …. Great prosthetic dummy …Felt Claire would be practical and know they needed every weapon #Outlander (Coming upon the dead man in the woods)
  4. Great scene ! Love Jamie in this scene. See his knowledge as a soldier. Also @TheAndrewGower is fantastic #Outlander
  5. Don’t like that it’s the Irish guy in the wrong …. !!!!! #Outlander (Well, of course she wouldn’t!)
  6. Again the digs at the Irish. It’s almost as I the writers were having SUBTLE digs !!!!! #Outlander (To be fair he was a wee bit gung ho.)
  7. Yes sorry Bonny Prince – doubt that will go down well with Claire !!! #Outlander ( Claire listening to an order like that from Jamie. Not bloody likely.)
  8. Jamie knows !!!! Ahem “obedient ” – SURE #Outlander (To be sure. Not.)
  9. Ah so nice to see @Stephen3827675 and @GrantORourke doing their thing. Looks a little blustery there !!! #Outlander
  10. Jamie – every inch the commander …. @SamHeughan killing it !!! #Outlander
  11. Cunning Fraser mind !!! Encourage Dougal and give him a task he’ll enjoy and give him a chance to prove himself to others !!! #Outlander (The nephew has become the leader.)
  12. Love this scene with @grahammctavish …. Such a great rider too !!!! ( love the hand on the hip !) #Outlander (The bravado. So Dougal.)
  13. @Stephen3827675 @GrantORourke meeting the Prince !!! #Outlander (Interesting to be fighting for somehow and you’ve no idea what he looks like.)
  14. This is what 90% of the ground we film on looks like #Outlander (I can attest to this. Boggy. Mushy. Dangerous, ankle breaking ground.)
  15. War Chief won’t like that !!! #Outlander
  16. A high moment for Dougal … @grahammctavish did such a wonderful job this season playing he fall and struggles of Dougal #Outlander
  17. Claire in her element. She’s finding her groove again… Helped here by the wonderful ladies of Trannent #Outlander
  18. Love the relationship between Fergus and Claire … @romannberrux is wonderful !!!! #Outlander
  19. Jamie … Always a good judge of character !!! Thank you Mr Anderson indeed. Come on Prince – Trust the man !! #Outlander
  20. Ross and Kincaid need a lesson in what is actual PROPERTY and what is a wife !!!!! #Outlander (Preach it sister!)
  21. I love these two … @Stephen3827675 @GrantORourke ” Scarlet the hooooooor ” #Outlander (Part-time hoor, full-time barmaid.)
  22. Also can’t say enough how amazing @LacroixDuncan is as Murtagh … Man has serious soul and depth #Outlander (Murtagh the philosopher.)
  23. This is the true heart of a highlander …. This scene breaks my heart. #Outlander (This scene between Jamie and Murtagh. Beautiful.)
  24. How do you send your man off to battle … Weighs heavy on Claire’s heart. Despite her knowledge #Outlander (She knows it all too well.)
  25. Awwww Fergus !!! Can’t catch a break. #Outlander (Woman’s work)
  26. The love that has grown between this group is very special @Stephen3827675 @GrantORourke @LacroixDuncan @SamHeughan #Outlander
  27. Awwww Murtagh and Claire. Their bond is strong …. But nothing is as strong as the bond between these two #Outlander (Those kisses between Jamie and Claire. 1000 words passed between them.)
  28. Loved the call back here to season 1 – ” on your way soldier ” #Outlander
  29. Oh Fergus …. #Outlander (Snuck out to be with the men.)
  30. These scenes are shot so beautifully. Big shout out to @nevillekidd and @philiprjohn #Outlander
  31. The calm before the storm ….Claire has to remember these are young girls, inexperienced. Tries to inspire them. Keep them busy #Outlander
  32. Great tens
  33. ion building …. AND OFF THEY GO !!! @bearmccreary #Outlander #Prestopans
  34. I don’t think any group of actors were as happy as all the guys were for these scenes. There was such a sense of pride among all #Outlander
  35. Poor Kincaid. The first casualty of the Lallybroch men. Claire hasn’t time to comfort Ross – the pain of war. #Outlander
  36. The original battle only took 8 minutes I believe and we tried to shoot it in real time #Outlander (15 minutes, but close enough.)
  37. The make up team did such a great job with this @AnitAndersonMUA #Outlander
  38. It’s so heartbreaking to see the love and need these two characters have for each other #RupertandAngus @Stephen3827675 @GrantORourke (The bromance is real. Men need each other too.)
  39. Whoops okay 15 minutes. !!! #factcheck #Outlander
  40. The reunion of Jamie and Claire ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and Fergus 💔💔💔💔 #Outlander
  41. @romannberrux is so good in this. The heartbreak for Claire knowing what he must have seen and done. #Outlander
  42. Dougal … Just as he does something right , has to go and ruin it !!!! V similar to @grahammctavish actually #Outlander (Hahaha)
  43. Is he completely indestructible ???? King of bloody Men !!! #Outlander (It was only a horse stomp milady.)
  44. Great scenes – the humour and now Doigal putting his size 11’s in it !!! Whoops #Outlander (The Prince is no happy with him.)
  45. @SamHeughan @grahammctavish @TheAndrewGower are fabulous in this scene !!!! #Outlander
  46. Glass half empty or glass half full ??? #Outlander
  47. @Stephen3827675 you Sir are a true gent a true talent and truly missed. Sorry we made you die 3 times but each time my❤️ broke a little more
  48. Ladies and gentlemen the incomparable @Stephen3827675 – one of a kind and believe me we mourned his departure in a very real way #Outlander
  49. Thank you everyone for joining – been a treat to tweet ! Now it’s Saturday night so back to that drink ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #Outlander (The Mark Me drinking game was in full force already to be sure.)
  50. .@Stephen3827675 OKAY I asked for it !!!!!! I always asked for it from you. (The hidden love story between Claire and Angus) 💋💋💋💋 (We KNEW it! Heehee)

That was wonderful having Caitriona tweet along with us.  She brings her own well of compassion, strength, and sense of justice, to our beloved Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser. Her taking time to spend with the fans during a difficult episode is quite appreciated.

An incredible episode full of tense, generous, and funny moments. War is hell. It’s not glamorous or romantic. The anguish of waiting to see if your loved ones and friends return is well done.

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