Vengeance Is Mine S2 E11 Preview

There’s a price on Jamie’s head. They’re under siege in a church. A tricky plan is hatched to use Claire as an English hostage and Jamie as bait to save the others. Tension is definitely at a maximum in the “Vengeance Is Mine” S2 E11 preview trailer. 

Claire and Jamie are to be separated in this time of unrest and high alert. They promise to find each other. Somehow I believe they will within adventurous and tumultuous events to come. The price for both of them being “that guy” (it’s a Die Hard reference), means conflict or danger is never far away from our dynamic duo and those surrounding them. Catching a break is not what they’re about. They create breaks for others.

The clue of the main event is in the title of the episode. I won’t spoil anything crucial for non-book readers, but if I am correct Murtagh and a high level official are involved.

The bonus is that herself, Diana Gabaldon wrote this episode for television. How freaking exciting is that? Where mediums cross. Was a new worm hole created or time travel location opened because if it?!

With only three episodes left this season, we are in for incredible moments, the highest of highs and lowest of lows. History speaks and ultimately Culloden is on the horizon.

This is a temporary separation.

The courage they equally possess. Partners in trust, love, and action.

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Video preview from The Outlander BR.

They are pursued by the British army.

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