Vengeance Is Mine S2 E11 Podcast Review Discussion

This well paced, adventurous episode is written for television by none other than the Outlander book series author, Diana Gabaldon. Vengeance Is Mine, S2 E11 is full of twists and turns, old faces and enemies. A most intimate and tender expression from Jamie causes many a lady to swoon. Jamie and Dougal find themselves on the outs with the Prince and his commanders sending them far away to Inverness. By order, the men of Lallybroch, Jamie, Claire, Murtagh, Fergus, Rupert, and Dougal head northward.  Travel for this bunch is never the expected. Ambushed by British troops, one is wounded and a risky plan is hatched to secure everyone’s freedom. When Claire finds herself in the home of the Duke of Sandringham, everything changes. In the end, revenge is best served sharp and swift with a debt of honor repaid in full.

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5 thoughts on “Vengeance Is Mine S2 E11 Podcast Review Discussion

  1. I enjoyed this episode, the humor DG brought to it, and the closeness between Jamie and Claire, which I didn’t feel in all the episodes. This one also showed how equal they were with “their” people and with each other.

    I noticed something at the very beginning that I haven’t seen anyone discuss. I’m not on FaceBook so I don’t know if anyone else noticed it there. Perhaps it was in my mind. When Jamie was defending the Prince in the beginning and talking about going to London, it sounded to me that he was saying it very coldly and it was coming out as if Sam either didn’t know his lines, which I doubt, or Jamie knew it was crap but was saying it just to change things from what Claire said happened. I listened to it over and over and each time it sounded as though he was forcing those words out of his mouth.

    One more thing I noticed. When they did the Title Card with the Duke’s curly wig, which fell, this was the first episode I didn’t see him wear it. Why do you think that was?


    • I think the dialogue was for Jamie trying to alter the future. It didn’t seemed forced to me. The wig I wondered too why he wore a less formal one. Perhaps because he was in his home.


  2. It wasn’t the dialogue but the way he said it. It’s hard to explain, Think back to when you were a kid and your mom said Tell Kelly you’re sorry and you say, Sorry, Kelly.” But you don’t really mean it but you were forced to say it, that’s how it sounded to me. It was only the first group of words. The rest had a sincere sound to it, but the delivery of those particular words sounded that way to me.


  3. I was also wondering if Dougal was put in charge of his own Dragoons, which he commented that was a way for Jamie to exile him, Why was he still under Jamie’s command? I thought he would have his own group of men he was in charge of at the time, which was months later.


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