Ron Moore A Spontaneous Twitter Q and A

Tonight Ronald D. Moore, the Outlander TV series creator, showrunner, and executive producer popped in on Twitter for a spontaneous Q and A with fans.

Some questions were not related to Outlander, so I transcribed the tweets I thought you’d want to read.

  • @JayneStevensLMT: Which scene are you most looking forward to for Season 3? RDM: The ship scenes.
  • @par995: Are you serious about recasting Jamie and Claire? RDM: Uh……………no
  • @phillyoutlander: Will you be doing all your filming for season 3 & 4 in Scotland? RDM: probably not but haven’t locked in locations for sea voyage and Caribbean.
  • @honeypotfraser: Any chance of going to South Africa to use Black Sails ships? RDM: It’s under discussion.
  • @smeghead30: Can Murtagh’s speech please please be included in deleted scenes in the DVD? RMD: I think it will.
  • @chattysassenach: Will NC be filmed in Scotland or England? RMD: Don’t know yet.
  • @jennmabney: Are season 3 & 4 going to be filmed concurrently or consecutively? RDM: There will be a break in between.
  • @mollymay410: Do u think Voyager will be as difficult to adapt as Dragonfly? The same? Easier? RDM: It’s already proving much easier.
  • @shaliepa: Do you see the future of Outlander that you may go beyond the story in the books? As if making changes?     RDM: The changes we make obligate us to follow them up in the show as we go forward but try to keep to books.
  • @sassenachSJ: How many times do you watch each episode? RDM: Really hard to say. Maybe a dozen? Also lots of watching individual scenes an sequences without going through whole show.
  • @fringefreedom: What was your favorite episode of Outlander this season? RDM: 207- Faith and 213 Dragonfly in Amber.
  • @abigibs: Favourite scene in season 2? RDM: Star Chamber.
  • @kgirldc: How many episodes for S3 & S4? RDM: The plan is 13 per season but always subject to change.
  • @jill_milander: Will we get a blooper reel for S2? If so, who flubs lines the most? RDM: I think so but there aren’t that many flubs to be honest.
  • @cecimartin: What has been the biggest obstacle to overcome during S2? RDM: The adaptation was tough because it was a more complicated book.
  • @gsojudy: Will you film in the US at some point? RDM: Don’t know.
  • @pjglaser: When do you start shooting season 3? RDM: Early fall/late summer.

There you have it. The Season 3 and 4 locations are not settled yet. The adaptation is easier this go round. He’s looking forward to the ship scenes. I know, I know, we are looking forward to the bookstore scene… And there’s little rest if Season 3 filming is to start in a couple of months for the cast and crew.

A big thank you to Ron Moore for giving a little dish to the fans.

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