How Many Hail Mary’s Did It Take? S2 E12 Podcast Review Discussion

The collaboration of writers Anne Kenney and Ira Steven Behr is a masterful collaboration for episode “The Hail Mary S2 E12. The power of two is invoked to provide structure and flow to the storytelling.  A wedding, two deaths, two futile attempts to change the future, and many masterful moments.  In my podcast, “I answer how many Hail Mary’s does it take?”. Every key player in the episode is involved in their own plans.

Based on the last three episodes, the 90 minute season finale on 9, July 2016 looks very promising.

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10 thoughts on “How Many Hail Mary’s Did It Take? S2 E12 Podcast Review Discussion

  1. Frances Yancey says:

    I was thinking about Saturday and the finale so I thought I’d see what others were thinking. I came across your blog and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think your comments regarding the brothers were insightful. I know I was shocked with Jack’s reaction to his brother’s death. I watched the episode again, to make sure I saw correctly. I shouldn’t have been so shocked because Tobias was right, but I guess I held some hope that his relationship with his brother would have remained pure. It was hard to see him throw that aside


  2. April Adams says:

    Episode 13 was quite different than the book, and ordinarily that would perturb me alot. If it hadn’t had a great script, outstanding acting and direction, so I am elated. Now we must suffer with a longing till season 3. My cure for this is everything scottish! So I am volunerring for the Portland Higland Games! Because there is simply nothing better than a man in kilts!!!


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