Dragonfly In Amber S2 E13 Podcast Review Discussion

A wake, a sightseeing tour, memories and revelations, a death, reluctantly to safety she goes, a battle looming, a determination toward death, and a barbecue to pass through the stones. Dragonfly In Amber, the S2 E13 finale,   co-written by Toni Graphia and Matthew B. Roberts, is all that and more.

Claire is in her middle aged prime, Brianna Randall is a burgeoning young adult, Roger MacKenzie is brought in to the family secrets, and Jamie intends to die at Culloden for a cause he knows is lost…

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5 thoughts on “Dragonfly In Amber S2 E13 Podcast Review Discussion

  1. T Reynolds says:

    I’ve watched the finale 4 times and catch a tear, inflection, movement, glance, a scene, and background that I missed. The acting was so good, the set and artwork is wonderful – I’ll watch again, and again, and again.


  2. April Adams says:

    You know episode 13 was very different from the book and ordinarily that would perturbed me, BUT it was done so well; the script, acting and direction so no complaints, just alot of love!


  3. Susann Powers says:

    Normally I hate that “ego” moment a principal character often receives–think of the panoramic camera shots from Mel in “Braveheart” and Kevin in “Dances With Wolves”–but I couldn’t drink up enough of Cait’s lovely face. Beautifully done, everyone!


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