He Is Captive Voyager Read-Along Week 3

This week 3 installment of the Voyager podcast read-along, “He Is Captive”, finds Jamie Fraser at Ardsmuir prison, because he indeed was The Dunbonnet. The painstaking research by Claire, Roger Mac, and Brianna has paid off. Claire, alone, past midnight in the study goes through one more prison role, and there he is. She is in such disbelief she closes her eyes and opens them again to make sure the entry is real. It’s a moment to be cherished as she summons his image and what could have happened on the day he entered the prison. We also are reintroduced to John Grey taking over as Governor of this remote prison nearly two years after Jamie’s arrival there.

Chapters 7-9 are foundational to setting the tone, richness of character development, and for moving the story forward for what is to come later.

The Outlander Science Club segment is brought to you by Karen Daugherty. She discusses the importance of Vitamin C in the 18th century diet as primary prevention of scurvy. It’s a fascinating listen.

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What’s Coming up? Week 4 covers chapters 10-13. The next Outlander Science Club Prompt is “How do you prevent and maintain a healthy immune system during cold and flu season? What are simple common treatments?”

How can you participate? To have your questions, comments, or Outlander Science Club results submitted for an upcoming podcast, email or call in to the listener line 3 days prior to airing for inclusion (see schedule below). Join the weekly Twitter chat Wednesday nights at 6pm PT/9pm ET to discuss the previous weeks chapters using the hashtag #ADoO. Follow the science prompts each week, research the topic, then share on ADOO or Outlander Medicine’s social media or call in to the ADOO message line 719-425-9444. Comments or messages may be included in the podcast or a written post.  The hashtag to use is #OutlanderSciClub.

The Outlander book series is written by Diana Gabaldon. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook.

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