Beyond The World’s End Voyager Week 9

Voyager Podcast Series

Chapters 25-26

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“Beyond The World’s End”, Jamie and Claire have quite the wild adventure in this week 9 of the Voyager read along. They hit the ground running after retrieving a drunk and disorderly Mr. Willoughby from the cellar of the long standing tavern. They immediately become embroiled in a row caused by Mr. Willoughby’s sexual preferences. After their escape, Jamie takes Claire to an unexpected location for a safe night’s sleep and food. As if the location wasn’t quite enough of a surprise, the morning brings old faces, new faces, and a brunch Claire will never forget.

Our Claire and Jamie need to decide whether or not they can live as one as they did before.

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What’s Coming up? Week 10 covers chapters 27 and 28.

How can you participate? To have your questions, comments for the regular read along, or Outlander Science Club results submitted for an upcoming podcast, email or call in to the listener line 3 days prior to airing for inclusion (see schedule below). Join the weekly Twitter chat Wednesday nights at 6pm PT/9pm ET to discuss the previous latest podcast chapters using the hashtag #ADoO. Follow the science prompts each week, research the topic, then share on ADOO or Outlander Medicine’s social media or call in to the ADOO message line 719-425-9444. Comments or messages may be included in the podcast or a written post.  The hashtag to use is #OutlanderSciClub.

The Outlander book series is written by Diana Gabaldon. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook.

Karen Daugherty, the Emergency Physician behind Outlander Medicine can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Featured Image By Kim Traynor – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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