The Idea of Home Voyager Week 12

Voyager Podcast Series 

Chapter 32-33

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Jamie, Claire, and Young Ian, head toward Lallybroch, each with a different “Idea of Home”, in this week’s Voyager read along installment.

Young Ian is fearing his punishment and facing his parents, especially his mother. Jamie has some difficult explaining to do over his actions or rather, inactions in reference to the harboring of his nephew Ian. And Claire, she’s the one who wants to go home. Lallybroch is the only place where she ever felt like home. It’s where her only female friend, Jenny lives. She also fears the reception and acceptance of her return, since to everyone with the exception of Jamie, it appears she abandoned him after Culloden.

These chapters weave a beautiful tapestry, that’s not without discomfort. Just when Claire begins to feel most comfortable, all hell breaks loose. The dream turns into a nightmare. Jamie had far too many opportunities to disclose certain information to Claire, and now along with her, he is utterly exposed.

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What’s Coming up? Week 13 covers chapters 34-37.

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