And Then There Was Laoghaire Voyager Week 13

Voyager Podcast Series 

Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 offers up this week’s installment, “And Then There’s Laoghaire,” of the Voyager read along. We’re halfway through the book and the omission hits the fan with rage and passion.

Back for only a week and newly arrived at Lallybroch, Claire has allowed herself to be taken in to the idyllic reunion with Jamie, but he has been keeping back the fact that he indeed has a serious obligation to contend with, that he has a family, whether the marriage was a poor idea or not.

Laoghaire is betrayed. Claire is betrayed.

The aftermath of this revelation carries us through this wildly difficult and passionate chapter.

What will Jamie do now that the truth has been exposed?

Please take care in listening, some of the subject matter is exceedingly difficult and may be triggering for some.

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What’s Coming up? Week 13.5 covers chapters 35-36.

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One thought on “And Then There Was Laoghaire Voyager Week 13

  1. I agree that the person in this chapter who comes off the worst is Jamie. I understand his fear that he would lose Claire before they could solidify their connection if he told her that he was married to Laoghaire. But he made things worse by the things he said to Claire, like “you used to be reasonable”. Was she being unreasonable after the shock of being discovered naked with Jamie’s head between her legs by a teenager who called him Daddy? I think not. Jamie was out of his depth. He “f__ked up” big time and had no idea how to defuse the situation. His saying that she left him, that she was a bitch and a whore was so outrageous as not to be believed to have come out of his mouth. I also remember saying out loud “Shut up Jamie, you’re making things worse, time to be forthcoming and ask for forgiveness and understanding”, “Please stop this both of you”.

    Jenny also comes off badly. She instigated the marriage, albeit with good intentions, and predictably, it went horribly wrong. Then she sends her daughter to fetch Laoghaire and tells her that Jamie is upstairs with Claire. She was being selfish. She wanted Claire to leave because she wanted Jamie to stay connected to Lallybroch. She knew that he would likely leave with Claire and even though she knew that he regretted marrying Laoghaire and was not happy, she didn’t care, she just wanted to keep him tied to her and their home.

    Claire and Laoghaire were both betrayed by Jamie and both are 100% justified in their anger towards him. No wonder Laoghaire shot him. I have a great deal of sympathy for Laoghaire. She has had a difficult and disappointing life and she sees her security being threatened with Claire back. Laoghaire’s best quality is that she loves her daughters fiercely and will do anything to insure their safety and care . Jamie was her security, even if they lived separately, she knew he would honor his commitment. But, her marriage to Jamie is now invalid with Claire’s return. Three husbands and they all left her one way or another.


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