Hispaniola and Hope Voyager Read A Long Week 19

Jamie is once again found in this week 19 Voyager read-a-long installment, “Hispaniola and Hope.” He had the Artemis pursue the Porpoise after Claire was taken by Captain Leonard. When he reached the man o’war, Claire was not aboard any longer. He has a run in with Tompkins, only to be told she is gone overboard. He’s captured and put in the hold. The same storm that Claire witnessed when tramping through the mangroves, and beached the Artemis, also caught the Porpoise. As the storm began to rage, Annekje freed Jamie and sent him overboard toward Hispaniola. To find Claire. She told him Claire was not dead.  Hope is coming.

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Through the help of some wild children he met on the beach he swam to, he wrangled his way into the French garrison, and brought soldiers to help the Artemis re-launch. Serendipity indeed. All went as planned.

He and Claire were finally truly reunited after he and the crew took command of the Artemis out from under the soldiers. There’s quite the verbal foreplay in the captain’s cabin between he and Claire. He’s plans to carry out.

Through intense determination, Marsali and Fergus wed. She made it happen through sheer grit and fortitude. A unique, funny, and memorable wedding, no one is likely to forget.

More hope comes in the form of the Bruja being near. this is the ship Young Ian was taken away from Scotland on. They just might find him.

With many story lines and re-introduced characters in play, the adventure is most definitely, on. One thing I know for certain, the spider arc can go away anytime now.

What’s Coming up? Week 19 will cover chapters 53-55.

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