A Quick Q and A by Maril Davis

Maril Davis, Outlander TV Series Producer, did a spontaneous Twitter Q and A on December 9th. Fans asked an abundance of great questions, some general, and others about the show. She gives some valuable information as the season 3 production is moving into block 4.

She gives some eye opening production insights, as well as, the fact there absolutely will be a Mr. Willoughby for us to meet, and that South Africa will be a shooting site because the ships and sets are already in place and easy to use.

Here’s a basic transcript of the show related inquiries. MD denotes Maril Davis.

  1. are you going to South Africa as well? MD yes
  2. why South Africa? MD they had a built in infrastructure and ships. And the look was right
  3. how far along is S3? Lots of time on a ship? MD we’re almost halfway through
  4. How many episodes is S3? MD 13 episodes
  5. have you cried on set yet? Printshop reunion is gonna be soooooo good MD I haven’t cried on set but I did tear up watching a rough cut of episode one.
  6. has there been any prep for S4? MD we’re definitely starting to talk about it. We have to. No break this year. Just roll into the next season
  7. Casting has been brilliant – but who of the new cast for season 3 has really exceeded your expectations? MD they’ve all been amazing but not all of them have been shooting regularly. So we’ll have to wait and see!
  8. When should we expect some promo to start?! MD no idea although we just did our first publicity shoot!
  9. Is @SamHeughan still the biggest slacker on set? MD lol. No, he’s an incredibly hard worker (Sam-you can pay me later)
  10. what are you especially excited about for Season 3? MD hmmm. Print shop and stuff on the ships. And the start of the season is fab
  11. What is your typical day like? MD no typical day for me. If in Scotland I go back and forth between shooting crew and prepping crew
  12. favorite Outlander book? MD Favorites are the Original and then A Breath of Snow and Ashes
  13. Yes please How fun and amazing are the 1950s and 60s scenes? MD I love the ’50’s and ’60’s stuff.
  14. how long does post take on an episode? MD a LONG time. Two months-ish?
  15. What will be your focus during this trip to Scotland? MD the last two weeks of shooting (before the holidays)
  16. How long does it typically take to film one ep, incl rehearsals, table reading, etc? MD every episode takes 12 days to shoot on average
  17. Will you be filming any parts of S4 when in South Africa? MD no
  18. has there been a decision about where S4 will be filmed? MD no decision yet
  19. Are you looking forward to going to new location for the Caribbean shoots?? MD I am. It must be warmer there, right!???
  20. well you should sleep but will we see Williughby? MD yes
  21. What are you shooting in Block 4 ? MD lol. Can’t tell you.
  22. Does the cast ever do viewing parties, other than premiere events? MD not usually no
  23. Were the same writers taking care of both time frames, or were they divided up ? MD we have different writers for every episode so everyone will get different stuff. We divide by script not by time periods
  24. Heck yes! Given the scope of S3, was it harder than previous seasons to find locations? MD every season seems to get more challenging!
  25. Will we be treated to more singing from Richard Rankin this season? MD Jeez, I hope not! Just kidding!
  26. What is your favorite wintertime activity? MD lately it’s sleeping!!
  27. How is working with this talented angel @caitrionambalfe MD it’s really tough. Like the hardest thing ever….. just kidding. I adore her obviously
  28. how much longer until we might hear word of a premiere date.. any new casting you can share? MD I don’t know. Starz usually decides on timings of announcements.
  29. Will you be going to South Africa when they film there? When r they scheduled to move filming there! MD yes, I will. Just not sure when yet. And we will not go until next year
  30. have all the new characters started filming? MD no. We will continue to add new cast as we go
  31. yay!!! How many rehearsals are needed before filming a scene? MD depends on what kind of scene it is. Some take extra rehearsals while others don’t take too many
  32. How has your life changed since #Outlander? ? MD I’m ten thousand times busier and I travel ten times as much! and I’ve obviously met a lot of great people!

And she closes with…MD Sadly I have to sign off. Phone battery is at 10% . Thanks for the questions!! Until next time! Maybe a holiday Q&A

It’s always wonderful when cast or production members pop up for a spontaneous chat with fans. It’s a fantastic way to keep fans connected during the long droughtlander period.

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