All Signs Lead To Mrs. Abernathy Voyager Read A Long Week 20

This week’s Voyager read-a-long episode, “All Signs Lead To Mrs. Abernathy,” (Listen Here), show us the dark side of the slave trade in the Caribbean. On the lookout for Young Ian, Claire, Fergus, Marsali, Lawrence, and Murphy, head to the slave market on Barbados. Claire has a twentieth century attack of conscience and mayhem ensues. Ironically this lands her as the owner of the one-armed slaved, Temeraire. He has a brand from Mrs. Abernathy in Jamaica as his previous owner.

After they are back at see moving toward Jamaica, pirates attempt to take over their ship. Claire is near mortally wounded by a cutlass slash. Mr. Willoughby sutures her right arm from oxter to elbow, with skill and a fine silk thread. The pirate who attempted to kill Claire was wearing a necklace when he fell to his death. It had one of the tetradrachm coins that is like those from the Seals Island treasure. It had to be the Bruja attempting to board them.

The Artemis picks up an escaped slave, who dove off the Bruja into the water. They call him Ishmael. Jamie finds out there were twelve Scottish boys on the ship, two who could be Young Ian. Clever Claire thinks she’s discovered where Ishmael came from and perhaps where the boys are going. Yes, you guessed it, to Mrs. Abernathy on Jamaica.

But wait there’s more, but you’ll have to listen.

What’s Coming up? Week 21 will cover chapters 56-57.

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The Outlander book series is written by Diana Gabaldon. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook.

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