To Tame The Crawlies OSC

Claire and Jamie are finally back together after both their Porpoise misadventures. The question of to shave or not to shave his newly grown beard comes up. The only way for Jamie to keep it, even temporarily, is for Claire “To Tame The Crawlies.”

Yes, Jamie is lice infested. Yuck! Claire likes the beard, but will not sleep with Jamie until he is critter free. She comes up with a vinegar treatment plan. The only problem is vinegar alone only works to get rid of the eggs, not the adult lice.

In this episode a variety of treatments are looked at from pharmaceutical to home-based.

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We hope this will demystify lice for you and expand your knowledge base.


Remember, when in doubt, ask yourself, what would Claire do?

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Listen to this podcast!

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