A Superbowl Sunday Q and A with Matt Roberts

Matt Roberts, Executive Producer and Writer for Outlander on Starz, gave fans a Super Bowl Sunday early morning Q and A.

Fans showed up in droves! He graciously spent more than hour answering tweets. As always, he is funny, straightforward, and kind…at times, properly secretive.

I’ve done the work compiling the chat, so you don’t have to.

All About Work Matt:

  • When do you anticipate to complete filming in SA? ‏We will be in SA for a few months… can’t say anymore then that or I’ll be working on a new show come fall.
  • What is the most unexpected part of your job? I really didn’t expect the fans to be as engaged as they are; it’s both a blessing and a… :-{)> 
  • What are you currently reading? I’m currently reading “Drums of Autumn” for the 3rd time.  I’ll let you guys figure out why…
  • Will we see maroons and alligator heads at the end of S3? You know me better than that — No spoilers But I do think book fans will be pleased with what’s to come.
  • How many episodes have you written for S3? I’m writing 2 episodes and also co-writing one with #ToniGraphia for S3.
  • Is it true that you wrote the longest ever sex scene on T.V.? Well — they say “write what you know!” :-{)>
  • When do you start filming in S.A. and have u started prepping for season 4? Sorry everyone I cannot give out production or premiere dates.
  • How many people total will be traveling with #outlander to SA? Just me — oh and one big bag and one carry on. (He misread question.)
  • Still here Matt?  Can I please know how EPIC Turtle Soup will be since you’re so good at these scenes? Stephanie, I do not give away spoilers… they spoil things.  Patience
  • You introduced @TallShipProds to #Outlander. Did someone introduce it to you or did you discover it on your own? I was a reader for a prod company & #Outlander was my first assignment Lucky me. then I just kept reading.
  • I’m curious what a typical day (if such exists) is for you? You seem to be up at all hours? Up around 5-6 to write, 7-8 off to studio or location, depends on if I’m directing 2nd U or scouting or in mtgs, LA calls until 8-9.
  • Iconic moments in books..do you try to keep much of what is in book for show or try for a bit of adaptation? They’re iconic for a reason –
  • Matt do you foresee any controversial fan reactions to anything you’ve done/will do in S3? I can’t predict how fans will react. But I’m very excited for you all to see S3 if that counts for anything.
  • What do you do when you have writer’s block? Drink heavily.  Write drunk, edit sober…
  • Will you get a break this year, or are you going straight into prepping s4? Nope — straight into S4 … that’s how we roll.
  • I’m super excited for #Outlander title cards. They are always thrilling. How many are you to direct this season? I’m doing all the title cards this season. We have some really creative and special ones this year.
  • What do you think makes Jamie and Claire “work” so well? Even in conflict they respect each other. Oh, and unconditional love.
  • Any interest in recreating this scene with Jamie &Claire? (The iconic Titanic scene) Aah, no.
  • Have anything fun planned for this year’s #Outlander day? Fun… what is this thing you call fun?
  • What is the best part of co-writing a script? I only have to type half of it.
  • How are locations picked? Do you scout & send in suggestions or are you sent to specific locations? We brief the Locations dept – they search – we go scout what they find – we pick what we like.
  • When you write a scene that you know will rip or hearts out, do you chuckle gleefully or cry along with us?? I love to write scenes that bring the “good” pain, tears. And l’ll be bringing the pain in S3.
  • What is the best first step I could take to working on script writing? Can I be your intern? 😉 Read every script you can get your hands on. Best way to learn.
  • Who’s writing the finale?? I am co-writng with the amazingly talented #ToniGraphia.
  • Are Outlander scripts available anywhere? Would love to learn from them. I think the @Outlander_STARZ website has them up.
  • You stated you’ve reread #DrumsOfAutumn. Any scenes you are sure you want to see in S4 or possibly write for S4? I’m eyeing any S4 episodes with a certain SB in them. (Stephen Bonnet is my guess.)
  • Are there script writers whom you consider to be your guru.  William Goldman, Blake Snyder, or someone else? Funny you should mention William Goldman – he’s simply the best of the best. I’ve read everything of his.
  • Do you move with the cast to SA? I’ll be in SA the whole time we are there…

The More Personal Matt:

  • How has your life changed with the success of Outlander?  Well I’ve been lucky enough to see Scotland South Africa and parts of Europe all while working on.
  • You have a very busy schedule. You are: happy about it? tired of it? or both? All of the above… happy and tired. #Outlander a full time job. Rarely home to see family and friends.
  • Are you recognized & asked for autographs when you go out? Just by my accountant on bills…
  • Your thoughts on Glasgow? Have you enjoyed it? I love Glasgow, and the whole of Scotland — it’s been a home away from home.
  • So happy ur an NFC fan. Where R U watching the game? The Super Bowl doesn’t start until midnight here… won’t be able to watch — early call in the morning.
  • Do you get seasick like JAMMF? I do get seasick.
  • So the big important question. Do you like coffee? @TallShipProds and @Writer_DG do not! I never drink coffee.  I drink tea. #greatminds or tastebuds
  • Do you drink whisky like the rest of the cast? I’ve been known to throw back a few in my day. (How many bottles of whisky are going to arrive at the offices now?)
  • What is your Birthdate? Nice try!

The Miscellaneous Matt:

  • How’s that table book of photographs coming along? Well Beth, as you know my day job keeps me quite busy so I’m not sure the coffee table book will be coming out anytime soon.
  • If there was one person in the world or history you would love to photograph, who would it be? Bigfoot… then there’d be PROOF.
  • If you weren’t working on #Outlander right now, what sort of projects would you be working on? Well, I have to fix the back fence in my yard (or maybe a western).
  • Is there anything we fans can do for you? Play nice amongst yourselves After all you ALL love outlander.
  • Hi Matt. @Mattenach posted a photo collage to you yesterday. As always, thanks for your photography insipration. I saw it — the Mattenachs are awesome!!!


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2 thoughts on “A Superbowl Sunday Q and A with Matt Roberts

  1. Mary Okleshen says:

    Great beginning podcast of SP. This will be fun. Bet you’ll have more time than you think till premiere! Aunt Mairi O.


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