The White Rose Threatens TSP Week 6

The Scottish Prisoner Podcast Series 

Chapters 11 and 12

Week 6

This week’s episode, “The White Rose Threatens,” has Jamie dressed like the gentleman he is, much to valet Tom Byrd’s discriminating delight. The intrigue goes deeper. as Minnie knowing Jamie left out the reference to the white rose of the Jacobite’s from his translation of the Erse letter. This leaves John wondering where Jamie’s loyalties lie.

A trip to the Beefsteak leads to another translation of the document under the eyes of Thomas Lally, another paroled prisoner. He too leaves out the mention of the white rose. The plot thickens with Edward Twelvetrees making a scene with Jamie and John.

Lastly, we get insight to Minnie and Hal’s nuptials and what type of woman Hal’s first wife Esme was.

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What’s Coming up? The Scottish Prisoner week 7 chapters 13-14.

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2 thoughts on “The White Rose Threatens TSP Week 6

  1. started to hear scottish prisoner chap 11/12- not having time to hear previous ones– u r wonderful— love your giggles and explanations… surprised i could follow it– the time u have put into this!!!! not good at being read to- i read too fast 3/4 books a week. discouraged over the putting off of ser 3…. so thank you…. for reminding me there are others out there who actually do read, surmise and adore dianes writttings….. i appreciate you morether mostest… oxoxoxoxox nc


    • Thank you for commenting. Yes it is quite a bit of work, but I love it. The beauty is you can read then go back and listen to the applicable podcasts as you have desire. Each week of TSP podcasts cover two episodes so they are easy to determine. Again, thank you for your feedback.


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