The Englishman Must Live TSP Week 8

The Scottish Prisoner Podcast Series 

Chapters 15 and 16

Week 8

This week’s The Scottish Prisoner podcast, “The Englishman Must Live,” covers chapters 15 and 16. Lord John, Jamie, and Tom Byrd set out to Ireland aboard ship. Jamie, as per usual, is a seasick heap, as soon as the ship leaves port. Tobias Quinn unexpectedly pops up with an opium based remedy and quickly “befriends” the trio.

Jamie is so thoroughly drugged, he sleeps through the remainder of the voyage, and the trip to the pub room he wakes up in. As his brain clears in the company of Lord John and Tom, Quinn enters the room under the guise of checking on Jaime. He provides a wee nip of whisky for his coffee, and help getting horses and a coach. He’s placing himself in that tour guide position quite nicely. John takes the bait without question, while Jamie tries to extricate them from Quinn’s “help”.

The ride to Athlone Castle seems pleasant enough, until John is awakened to the sound of Jamie preventing his murder. This complicates the situation for John beyond his impending meeting with Siverly and the details surrounding that situation. He learns Quinn and Jamie have some history and that Quinn has some Jacobite plan he’s working on.

Is Jamie taking part in Quinn’s plan? What will John do with this information? You’ll need to listen to find out.

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What’s Coming up? The Scottish Prisoner week 8 chapters 17-18.

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