Castle Athlone or Bust TSP Week 9

The Scottish Prisoner Podcast Series 

Chapters 17 and 18

Week 9

This week’s The Scottish Prisoner podcast adventure, “Castle Athlone or Bust,” is brought to you by chapters 17 and 18. Tobias Quinn is proving to be the insect that never stops buzzing around John and Jamie. He shows up everywhere they are. Thankfully he excuses himself when they are readying to meet with the Justiciar, Sir Melchior at the Castle Athlone. John is increasingly frustrated with the man. Jamie merely shrugs it off. We learn that from his mother’s side John has disreputable Scots in his family lineage.  Jamie disregards this because Scottish Lowlanders may as well be English. Oh these two are like a sarcastic buddy film.

During the meeting, John and Jamie learn Siverly’s father was a Jacobite who had fled into Spain in the late 1600’s. Also, Major Siverly had recently come in to a large sum of money. The wheels are spinning inside of Lord John’s head. How can Jamie keep John away from Twelvetrees and the money exchanging hands? It seems impossible. After Sir Melchior reads a piece of the translated poem, Jamie finds out an Abbot Fitzgibbons in a nearby Catholic Monastery might be of help in gathering the rest of the poem. John and Jamie prove they are a good team at working a room.

The next day brings Tom Byrd with their luggage. They decide to take a trip to the Monastery at Inchcleraun on the Lough Ree. With Jamie’s propensity toward seasickness, they decide to ride along the lough until they near the destination before hiring a boat to send Jamie across. Weather sidetracks them a few miles short. Quinn finds them a place to shelter and the stories flow.

John is slowly piecing together what Quinn is all about and just how long he and Jamie have known each other.

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What’s Coming up? The Scottish Prisoner week 10 covers chapters 19 and 20.

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