The Bog Man Follows TSP Week 10

The Scottish Prisoner Podcast Series 

Chapters 19 and 20

Week 10

This installment of The Scottish Prisoner podcast series, “The Bog Man Follows,” has Jamie leaving Tobias Quinn and Lord John Grey behind while he goes to speak the Abbot Michael Fitzgibbons about the translated poem. What might seem like a simple visit, turns in to so much more.

Jamie learns of a bog man (and butter) discovered by the monks when cutting peat and his possible role in the brewing Jacobite uprising. As the visit unfolds, the presence of this long dead man is with Jamie. This unsettles him greatly and raises his hackles.

After hearing part of the stranger’s tale, he asks for his confession to be heard. Father Michael takes it out in the orchard and concludes there’s an easy part and a difficult part to it. He doesn’t receive absolution right away. The Father has more to show him first.

Off through the grounds they go until they reach a cut out bog and a trackway to use for crossing the moss. Jamie is trying to figure out where they are going and why. As they cross the Father tells him of the old gods and the old ones and their ways. Jamie goes along.

They finally reach the High Seat where the kings of old were confirmed to the old gods. It gets rather complicated here. The Father speaks of duty and Jamie is struck angry by what he’s hearing. He is not the man for the job the Father thinks he should take. In the end, he gets absolution and is on his way.

When he meets back up with Lord John, Quinn is off doing his own business. After discussing what Father Michael knew of the poem, they decide Jamie is to meet with Siverly first. They have a plan. He goes to the estate with a note from Sir Melchior for an interview. He meets Major Siverly. After he reads the poem and asks Jamie questions, all hell breaks loose with Siverly trying to kill him.

A tremendous and rich duo of chapters to be sure. You’ll need to listen to unpack all the details and get some interesting history tidbits as well.

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What’s Coming up? The Scottish Prisoner week 11 covers chapters 21 and 22.

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