Jail Break TSP Week 13

The Scottish Prisoner Podcast Series 

Chapters 25 and 26

Week 13

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There’s a plan, a plot, and a “Jail Break,” in this week’s podcast installment. Jamie ropes Tobias Quinn into helping him and Tom breaking Lord John out of Castle Athlone.  Quinn would be more than happy to leave John in jail. There’s a thin trust between the two of them and Jamie exposes it. He promises to help him get the Druid King’s Cup if he assists him on this mad quest.

After they make a rough camp and eat the small provision of cabbage and potatoes Tom Byrd acquired, Quinn fills Jamie in on the not so crackbrained Jacobite plan. Jamie is gobsmacked and speechless at the revelation. Quinn desperately wants to convince Jamie to come alongside, to help him and the others who still believe in the cause. Though Jamie thinks the plan could work, he knows better. The English never lost that fight in history. It was certainly doomed.

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They make their way to Castle Athlone under the veil of darkness. Lord John has been pacing and thinking. He finally settles in, wrapping himself in the blanket left for him in the tidy, yet sparse cell. He was still cold and shivering. He managed to drift off to sleep, when he was awoken by the sounds of feet. The cell door opened with an angry sergeant being pushed along by Jamie Fraser.  Step one complete.

They manage to get through the castle, but not without a run in with a guard on duty. They exit the gate with Jamie running down the shoreline, Tom and Lord John make the gate difficult to open with debris and such shoved underneath.

There’s gunfire. Tom is hit. It’s not a mortal wound, but he’s bleeding decent enough. John drags him into the lough while looking for the boat Jamie and Quinn are no doubt upon. Jamie and Quinn search the waters until a loud clunk alerts them John and Tom are in the water.

Tom and John are administered the opium potion Quinn seems to always have on him. Wild dreams flood John as he sleeps. Somewhat disturbing dreams really. When he finally rouses, they are at the monastery where Abbot Michael can help get Tom the proper doctoring he needs.

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What’s Coming up? The Scottish Prisoner week 14 covers chapters 27 and 28.

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