A Terrible Truth TSP Week 18

The Scottish Prisoner Podcast Series

Chapters 35 and 36

Week 18

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In this The Scottish Prisoner weekly installment, “A Terrible Truth”, after the successful posthumous court-martial of Major Siverly, John learns something earthshattering about Edward Twelvetrees. All is not as it seemed. Guilt and horror strike him to the core. He makes his way back to Argus House in such fog, he doesn’t remember how he got there. Out to the garden he goes to find peace upon the fridstool. He sits deep in thought until Jamie makes him go for a walk-through Hyde Park and talk it through. Oh, to process something harrowing with the pragmatic and philosophical Fraser.

During the conversation, Jamie shared a story about his own experience with an unintended death that lay on his soul. He also tells John a big lie when the subject of Helwater came up. He chooses not to be free but to return to Helwater because of an understanding between him and the lady’s maid.

Why, oh why would Jamie make up such a lie?


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After returning to Argus House, Lord John went to tell his brother Hal all he’d learned about Twelvetrees. Jamie went to the library to sit in his favorite chair. The heaviness of conscience led him to take out his rosary and say a few decades for the eventual peace of all souls involved. He struggled to maintain focus and thought of his brother Willie, William, and had a pang of envy for the closeness that John and Hal shared.

The butler interrupts his thoughts with a sealed note. It’s from Tobias Quinn. Jamie has a sense of dread. He knows something terrible is amiss. He allows John to take him to the specified location of Civet Cat Alley in the Irish Quarter of London. He finds Tobias dead, blood pouring from a wrist into the Druid King’s Cup. One word written above the cot in his own blood, teind. He’d paid a tithe to hell.

Jamie tried to stop bloodshed. He’d tried to save Quinn and the many others. He’s utterly grief stricken.


Because animals are cute – meet a civet cat.

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What’s Coming up? The Scottish Prisoner week 19 covers chapters 37-39.

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The entire Outlander book series is written by Diana Gabaldon. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook.

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