All Are Returned TSP Week 19

The Scottish Prisoner Podcast Series

Chapter 37-38

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In this week’s The Scottish Prisoner episode, All Are Returned, Jamie finds himself the sole mourner as he returns Tobias Quinn to Ireland and buries him near the thrice killed man. He takes on the task completely alone, as he understands how Quinn could take his own life after losing the only thing worth living for…the doomed Irish Jacobite uprising. Jamie understands that despair, only his ties to the earth, have kept him from the same fate.

He not only returns Quinn to the earth, but the Druid King’s Cup. He meets “them” in the process, the Wild Hunt, the old gods. They horns’ blast three times, sounding like wild geese honking. After hurling the cup into the bog, he finishes the burial, and runs. What a harrowing supernatural experience.

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The next chapter time jumps with Lord John returning Jamie to Helwater. John is troubled over this. Jamie had insisted on being returned to Helwater and not being pardoned, under the guise of wanting to court Betty Mitchell. This is a lie.  John thinks about how the relationship he and Jamie had forged, must return to the formal, jailer and prisoner. They could no longer act like equals. John hopes he’s returning Jamie to contentment. His brain cannot let go of the puzzle over Betty Mitchell though. Maybe to fit in better with the people of Helwater, for companionship, out of loneliness, Jamie wants to marry her. Nothing sits right in this matter with John though.

Once back at Helwater, the daily rhythm of farm life envelops Jamie. He has his place in the stable, fresh air, and the people. He finds a sense of peace here, even if not a true belonging of home. He informs Betty of Quinn’s dying (remember she was his sister-in-law). He speaks to her privately. She takes it badly. She’s wanting to say more things to Jamie. Of her interest in him. He escapes the more personal inquiries in the nick of time. He knows he could fall prey to her. He is lonely. He is an outsider. He likes her. She’s a good woman.

John is getting his share of interesting news. Lord Dunsany wants to amend his will for John to be guardian over Willian when he dies. There are no other suitable males in the family. John being like an adopted son, since their own died at Culloden, agrees to this arrangement. He has no idea who William’s biological father is.

He wonders if he’ll speak to Jamie before he leaves. Jamie wonders the same.

They will miss the friendship they had built, no matter the challenges.

The cogs of future storylines are turning.

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What’s Coming up? The Scottish Prisoner week 20 covers chapters 39-41. Featured Image.

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