Shall I Prove It AFG Week 5

Seven Stones to Stand or Fall 

A Fugitive Green podcast series

Chapters 13-15

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“Shall I Prove It,” has Minnie becoming securely Team Lord Melton. She finds a way to stave off the request by Edward Twelvetrees commission to obtain the letters that prove the affair between his deceased brother and Esme Grey, Hal’s wife. She gets a hold of the letters, through the O’Higgins’s gaining access to Argus House. She is stunned to have Esme’s, Nathaniel’s, and Hal’s letters in her possession. She reads them all. Esme was a cruel woman. Nathaniel is an uninspired writer. Hal is a broken, angry, and passionate man who loved his wife deeply.

She is deeply horrified by the contents of these letters and realizes Hal is correct in not using them to save face and honor. She hatches a plan. She needs to find the poems Nathaniel had written two poems to Esme. She deduces the poems are in Esme’s bible. With the help of the O’Higgins’s cousin posing as a chamber maid to get hired at Argus House. She finds the bible and the letters, pockets them and leaves never to return.

She puts her best hand forward to write a poem ostensibly from Nathaniel to Esme as proof that can be sent to the Secretary of War. She gives it for delivery. Then needs to put the letters back in Hal’s desk.

Opportunity struck three days later when she’s invited to a ball at Argus House in honor of Hal’s mother’s birthday. It doesn’t matter that his mother is in France, it’s a strategic opportunity for him to be seen in society as normal and healthy, to gain support of his mother’s friends and family, and to complete his task of getting HRH the prince on board with supporting his efforts to rise the regiment.

Minnie gets into his office, replaces the letters, then…Hal discovers her. From here they become intensely intimate…but you need to listen to hear all about that.

Let’s just say, she proved it…thoroughly.


What’s Coming up? The Fugitive Green chapters 18-18, from Seven Stones to Stand or Fall collection.

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