What’s in a Name AFG Week 6

Seven Stones to Stand or Fall 

A Fugitive Green podcast series

Chapters 16-18

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Mortimer, Wilhemina Rennie, Snyder, Wattiswade, Bleeker…We find out exactly “What’s in a Name,” in this final podcast of A Fugitive Green.

Minnie hides out at her Aunt Simpson’s home until she can head back to Paris, back to her father. She’s bringing more than books and information with her. She practices her speech, her responses, and tries to decide how her father will react. All her neatly rehearsed words dissolve as he greets her with tears and a hug. He knew she was no longer a virgin. She would never tell him it was Pardloe. She would protect him. She reveals she met her mother and she herself is pregnant. She is overcome and vomits in the alley. Returning she swishes tea and spits into the aspidistra plant.Her father, as always, responds with love and protection. No one would hurt her as her mother had been hurt.


Hal scored a huge victory. The Secretary of War gave him a signed and sealed document from the crown to reinstate the regiment. He is on cloud nine. He and Harry Quarry go to celebrate at the Beefsteak and discuss the details of the meeting. As he thinks it through, he recognizes how odd Sir William was. Then the eel pies bring Minnie to mind and the hearth rug…where had she gone? He continues discussing the meeting with Harry, to realize Harry isn’t telling him something. Harry confesses he knew Minnie and had hired her to find another way to expose the affair without using the letters. She must have been able to prove Hal’s reason for the duel. They have no idea how. We know the poem was the ticket. At the conclusion, Hal asks Harry to help him find her.


We find Minnie in advancing pregnancy living in Amsterdam with her father in January 1745. She’s always ravenous and baby “Mortimer” is letting himself known. She’s enjoying her day while going over the books. The doorbell sounds and in comes Hal. He’s surprised to find her pregnant, but this is not getting in the way of his plans. He picks her up and takes her out of the house. With the help of Harry, he deposits her into a waiting carriage. Her father is left shouting behind. Harry arranged for a wedding ceremony at The Stuffed Goose pub. Not a nice place, but the co-owner is a pastor and agrees to marry them. Minnie finds out that Hal’s full name is Harold Patricius Gerard Bleeker Grey. He finds out her real name is Minerva Cunnegunda Wattiswade. Their parents were deft at unusual names!

Minnie internally addresses Esme and says she’ll take care of them both…

How much do you LOVE them??????

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