Outlander Season 3 Final Prep Part 1


Chapters 1-26


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Jamie wakes up on the moor of Culloden thinking he is dead, but he is not. He survives only to be secretly sent back to Lallybroch by Lord Melton to honor a family debt.

For seven years Jamie lived in the cave as Dunbonnet to avoid the English soldiers. After a close call, he decides to have himself turned in for the reward. Off to Ardsmuir he goes where he becomes the chief of the Jacobite prisoners.

The incoming Governor is none other than Lord John Grey arriving under scandal for a cooling off period away from society.

John is forced to ask Jamie to help him. He does and keeps the spirit of the agreement while running away to seal island to find out if there are clues of Claire.

From there they resume the weekly meals to go over the needs of the Highland men, play chess, and chat about cultured things.

John makes a grave error and Jamie takes drastic measures.

Back in 1968, Claire, Roger, and Brianna are searching high and low for Jamie. He is found as the legend of the Dubonnet, then on a prison roll. Continuing they find an A. Malcolm printer who’s writing matches that of Jamie’s on the deed of sasine.

It’s a go for Claire. Preparations complete, Roger and Brianna send her back to through the stones on Samhain.

Claire makes the journey from Inverness to Edinburgh, finally finding her way to Carfax Close.

There she enters the printshop. She scares Jamie into a faint when he realizes she is real.

The reunion is sweet, tender, awkward, and too short.

They are off on a misadventure, retrieving an associate Mr. Willoughby from the World’s End. Such a raucous occurs they must flee down the backstreets to the safekeeping of a brothel.

Jamie has a standing room and is friendly with Mme. Jeanne the proprietor. Claire is suspicious until she learns the nature of their relationship.

They share a wonderful reunion of flesh and soul.

The morning comes and it’s a free for all of people coming and going. Claire has no clothes, so it’s a tad bit unusual.

She ventures out wrapped in a quilt to find a dress and food. Brunching with the whores, her appetite is sated. Madame Jeanne is none too pleased to find her in the company of the working girls.

Another misadventure awaits before Jamie returns. Fergus, Willoughby, and an exciseman are involved. It ends badly.

Jamie is a printer AND a smuggler, and who knows what else at this point. They have A LOT of catching up to do.

What’s Coming up? A Voyager roundup chapters 26-roughly 50 counting down to the September 10th Season 3 premiere of Outlander.

How can you participate? To have your questions, comments for the regular read along, email or call in to the listener line by Thursday. Join the weekly Twitter chat Wednesday nights at 6pm PT/9pm ET to discuss the previous latest podcast chapters using the hashtag #ADoO.  Comments or messages may be included in the podcast or a written post.

The entire Outlander book series is written by Diana Gabaldon. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook

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