Outlander Season 3 Final Prep Part 2


Chapters 27-53


Part 2

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It’s ON! Jamie had to save Young Ian from the burning printshop. It turns out, someone is after Jamie and trying to connect his legit work with his smuggling life.

With Edinburgh being unsafe, it’s decided they will head to Lallybroch to return Young Ian after picking up a shipment of smuggled goods from a ship in Arbroath. That plan goes haywire too when excise men appear at the meeting site. Jamie and his smuggling crew het away, but they find a hung exciseman on their exit. This means whoever is after Jamie is trying to frame him for murder, as well as, smuggling, and creating seditious materials. Someone means SERIOUS business.

They continue to Lallybroch. All seems well after smoothing out Young Ian’s return and coming up with a fit punishment for uncle and nephew. Claire is reunited a little coolly with Jenny Murray, Jamie’s sister.

This is about the only place Claire has ever felt like home. She’s so happy to be back. A wonderful night spent in Jamie’s arms, until morning comes and three riders could be seen coming onto the property. Claire and Jamie are getting in some pre-breakfast lovin’, when a ferocious knock at the door and entry into the room shockingly break the mood.

A young woman takes in the scene and asks Jamie, “Daddy! WHO is THAT woman?” This is Claire’s worst nightmare…Jamie has a family. He has a wife and children. Jamie’s face turns white, the same shade as Claire’s thighs. He gets dressed and follows the young woman downstairs, leaving Claire to stew. She gets dressed and fumes with rage.

When he returns, they have an all-out knockdown, drag out, row. We learn the young woman is Marsali, Laoghaire’s daughter. Laoghaire is Jamie’s wife. Jenny breaks up the fight, sends Jamie away, and tends to Claire.

Claire leaves without saying goodbye to Jamie. She plans on going back to the stones. She is devastated to her core.

Before she can get back to the stones, young Ian catches her up and says Uncle Jamie is dying. Reluctantly, Claire returns to treat him. She hits him up with penicillin multiple times and he survives. They work out their problems, and get Jamie properly divorced.

They need money to pay off the fees he owes Laoghaire for the divorce. They plan to use a gem from the Seal Island box he found back when he was at Ardsmuir. The plan goes awry and they must go after the Bruja who took the gems and young Ian.

To sea they go. Seasickness. Sharks. Pirates. Turtle Soup. A man o’ war. Separation. Typhoid. Storms. All this, before they both end up on Hispaniola.

Claire meets Lawrence Stern and Father Fogden. Jamie pretends to be a French Captain. Then they are reunited.

Fergus and Marsali are married in a fantastic midnight wedding by the inebriated and nutty Father Fogden.

They get a lead on Young Ian after Claire accidentally must buy a slave after starting a melee at the slave market.

That is certainly an enormous amount of adventure!

What’s Coming up? Voyager roundup chapters 54 to the end and the current S3 news. We’re counting down to the September 10th Season 3 premiere of Outlander.

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One thought on “Outlander Season 3 Final Prep Part 2

  1. Kim says:

    Enjoying the prep before Sept. 10th!! I finally got to listen to this episode today and have to say I think that unfortunately, as far as how TV Jamie could ever marry “Leery” knowing what she did to Claire….considering how they tried to “fix it” in Ep 208…..My guess is that we will see Jamie and Leery talking at the Hogmany celebration. Jamie might be off alone like in the book but the Leery seeks him out…she’ll pour on the charm….tell Jamie that she knows how much he loved Claire and that she is really sorry about what she did to Claire back in the day and so on. And Jamie might even remember how Claire had asked him to be nice to Leery back at Beaumont and since she had forgiven Leery he supposes he should too…and then they go off and spend the night dancing away and blech…they get married. I really hope whatever the case we see this as a flashback with Jamie telling Claire about this after she comes back to find Leery shot him. The whole Leery thing needs to be a surprise!


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