Outlander Season 3 Final Prep Part 3


Chapters 54-63


Part 3

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The hunt for Young Ian is on, but after Claire tells Jamie why the Porpoise is docked at Jamaica and who the new governor is, Jamie says they must go to the reception at the Governor’s mansion first. Jamie dresses in disguise for the event and uses a nom de guerre.

Claire meets and greets the influential women, Mr. Willoughby charms the ladies, and Jamie disappears in to the Governor’s office with Lord John. She misinterprets the embrace she happens upon, flustered she retires to the ladies’ lounge where she finds a dead body. Willoughby’s footprints are tracked to the window.

Everyone is questioned, including Jamie, since he brought Willoughby to the party. Claire is put in the Governor’s office to wait. Lord John returns and they have a most eye-opening conversation. She is jealous of John and he of her. She has all of Jamie, but he spent time with Jamie while she was away. John drops a child sized revelation at her feet.

Jamie finally returns and they head back to Jared’s estate. Jamie discloses William to her without her prompting. He further explains his relationship with John, his marriage to Laoghaire, and what happened with Geneva. It was his fear that kept him from telling her sooner. He assures her, she is the only one he has ever loved. She believes him.

They go to Rose Hall and discover Mrs. Abernathy is none other than Geillis Duncan, aka Gillian Edgars. She should be dead. Geillis explains how she escaped after she blackmailed Dougal to help her. There’s something not quite right going on at the estate. After she pulls out the box of Seal Island gems, Claire and is sure she is lying about having no knowledge of Young Ian.  She is connected to the Bruja. Jamie is sure Young Ian is on the property, being held under the sugar mill.

They leave the estate with Reverend Campbell shows up with some business, on the way back to Jared’s they discover a photo of Bree is missing. This cannot be a good sign. Geillis is always up to something terrible.

They make the rescue plan and head back to Rose Hall under the cover of night. Claire is supposed to stay with the boat. As if she EVER stays put. Seeing a shadowy figure through the window of Rose Hall, she goes to investigate. It’s not Young Ian, but none other than Reverend Campbell. He’s upset and ranting that Mrs. Abernathy up and left with all her slaves. He tells Claire what his business with Geillis had been. Claire sees the paper that talks about the Fraser Prophecy.

The Reverend gets angry when Mr. Willoughby shows up and accuses him of murdering the prostitutes in Edinburgh and the woman at the governor’s house. He was the fiend. Willoughby kills him. Then he disappears back in to the jungle.

Claire searches the house and finds a ritual pentagram with Bree’s picture inside of it. She fears Geillis was going to use Bree to anchor her back to the 20th century.

Claire returns to the boat hoping Jamie and the men have returned, they haven’t. Instead she meets a crocodile and several escaped slaves, including, Ishmael. They kill the crocodile and he wears it on his head. Into a clearing they go where a voodoo ceremony is taking place. Margaret Campbell is the oracle who the spirits speak through. In the end, the voice of Bree comes from her as she talks to Claire and Jamie. Ishmael sends her to go with his people and reluctantly tells Claire and Jamie where Geillis and Young Ian have gone.

They retrieve Lawrence Stern and trek to Abandawe, the spiritual cave. Claire feels standing stones within and senses Geillis. They arrive in time to find Young Ian still alive. It’s a fight and Claire kills Geillis. Young Ian is saved.

Back on the small ship, they find the escaped slaves have stolen the Bruja and while pursued by the Porpoise have been beached and are under fire. They have no way of escaping the English man o’ war. They are followed and nearly caught, when a huge storm rises sinking the Porpoise and causing Claire to be thrown overboard and injured. Jamie jumps in after her, willing her to live.

Claire is unconscious when they wash up on a beach. She wakes up dead, not unlike Jamie at the beginning of the book. Her leg is broken, but they are alive and safe.

The storm had sent them far off course, they are in the American Colonies. Freedom is theirs.

The End.

WHAT A WILD RIDE! I cannot wait to see it unfold onscreen. All the clips are fantastic. It looks like this will be the best TV season yet.

The next podcast episode is number 100. An absolute fantastic milestone.

What’s Coming up? Season 3 Episode 1.

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