All Debts Paid S3 E3

All Debts Paid 

Written by: Matthew B. Roberts

Directed by: Brendan Maher

Oh, the many feels this episode brings up. To my husband’s annoyance, I may have clapped excitedly at the beginning of the airing and muttered under my breath, “We get to meet Lord John.” My enthusiasm didn’t stop him from enjoying the episode with me though.

I had many thoughts watching it through the first time. You need to listen to the podcast to get my further insights and deep thoughts.

  • Oh, such a we happy family and dog too.
  • Leggo my Eggo!
  • Sheepishly inquires about a movie outing.
  • YEOUCH. Frank knows how to burst her bubble.
  • Way to make breakfast suck Frank.
  • Discreet. Mmhm.
  • What the what? THAT’s Colonel Quarry?!
  • Oh, never mind. Major Grey is dreamy.
  • McManly Major John.
  • Hey handsome.
  • Oh, there it is, the French gold!
  • Sad sap Highlanders.
  • Yeah sure, Ardsmuir is the heart of Scottish society.
  • Mac Dubh means son of the black one Mr. Quarry.
  • No. Not Red Jamie.
  • GAAAAAAAHHHH (poor Lord John).
  • It’s Chieftain Jamie to ye.
  • Is it. It can’t be. MURTAGH!
  • Whoa dude needs a bath and doctor’s visit.
  • Here’s a wee bit o’ milk thistle for yer rat bite.
  • Jamie’s a healer now, that’s right.
  • How fabulous and invite to the Governor’s quarters.
  • Jamie simmer down pal. It’s okay really.
  • No cats, must have the tasty rats.
  • Way to make friends Jamie. Menace much?!
  • Paging Dr. Randall.
  • Frank is Mr. Snidely.
  • Da hell.
  • The mistress is on the porch.
  • The mistress is in the house!
  • Frank. What the absolute bloody hell on toast?!
  • Party guest walk of shame.
  • Remember when drinking and driving was no big deal?
  • Kerr is raving down the road.
  • “I am a prisoner, not an interpreter.” LMAO. “I’m a doctor, Jim. Not an interpreter.”
  • Have I got a deal you can’t refuse?
  • The clank of irons. AAAAAHHH.
  • I think Frank would totes fail a breathalyzer. BAC mistress level.
  • Nuh uh. She’s super smart.
  • Frank deflects like a superhero.
  • Bitch who’s green now?
  • So that’s a no then Frank. You didn’t shag her in our bedroom?
  • Oooooooh, you mean Jamie in our bedroom. MMkay,. Sure.
  • Not the D word. It’s 1956 dawg.
  • I am Frank. I AM DADDY. drops mic.
  • Jesus Christ indeed. I agree.
  • Jamie’s the cunning linguist.
  • Is it English. Is it French. Is it Gaelic.
  • White Witch. Say what?
  • Can someone get Jamie some soap and water, please?
  • Years later Frank’s still snarky pissed.
  • It’s a snare. A wascally wabbit.
  • Sneaky Jamie. Escape (think Dori).
  • Apparently peeing is not a safe enterprise in Outlander.
  • Jamie says John’s full name.
  • Recounts their first meeting.
  • Shamity, shame, shame.
  • Come on John. I’m trying to DIE here.
  • Help a bro out.
  • I carried this watch in my ass for two years…
  • It’s not the Torremolinos Gambit. Say it isn’t so.
  • More than a touch is a violation John. 
  • Death rays shoot from Jamie’s eyes.
  • You mean you want to go to England without me? Claire’s head spins around.
  • “What about Candy?” Snort.
  • Divorce.
  • What the hell? But you said?
  • Take my daughter. Bitch I’ll cut you.
  • Oh, wait Bree’s an adult. No bother.
  • A failed hail Mary.
  • Not enough time in the world buckaroo.
  • Not without my Murtagh.
  • Godson NOOOOOOO.
  • A three hour err three-day tour.
  • For honor.
  • I shall call myself Captain Awesome. Oh, you mean a real name…
  • Helwater or bust.
  • He’s dead Jim.
  • Anyone else hear the Endless Love song here?
  • “I am FREE.” Peace Out.

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