A Malcolm

A. Malcolm

Written for Television By: Matthew B. Roberts

Directed By: Norma Bailey

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This 74 minute episode covers roughly a 24 hour period.  There’s humor, awkwardness, tears, surprise, restraint, vulnerability, love, sexy sex, a memorable meal, and so much more. I adored the slow burn of this episode. Jamie and Claire finally reunite after 20 years apart. They fall back into intimacy and bed, yet it isn’t quite that simple. Jamie appears to have a large secret, even though he quickly told Claire about Willian, his bastard son. Claire left everything behind, took the biggest chance possible to recapture the love of her life once more.

The direction makes for pleasurable viewing and the writing takes us back to the wedding episode, when they were first discovering each other.

It’s emotions brewing at the surface, but held at bay. It’s the ease of conversation, after years of not opening up. It’s being seen, accepted, and wanted. It’s revelations shared. It’s about overcoming the past toward a new future.

It’s definitely worth the watch, rewatch, and watching again. Enjoy the burn!

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2 thoughts on “A Malcolm

  1. Desiree – I love your podcasts. The latest one, “A Malcolm,” helped me to understand the choices the writer and the director made for the episode. After listening to your podcast, I watched the episode again. It was much better the second time.

    I still wish the episode had been written by Toni Graphia. She did such a beautiful job with Episode 304 – my favorite of Season 3 so far. The love that Jamie expressed for William, and the pain on Jamie’s face when he had to leave Helwater, were very powerful moments. And the choice of that poignant version of Bob Dylan’s song, “A Hard Rain’s a Gonna Fall,” expressed Jamie’s sorrow more than any dialogue could have. I thought Sam was so incredible in the episode. He nailed it

    Watching “A Malcolm” again, I understood why Jamie’s point of view was important to show. Even though Jamie had told Claire he would find her again, no matter if it took 200 years, he knew that he couldn’t make it happen. Only Claire had the power to do that. So with courage, and with great hope, she ventured back in time to find Jamie and to end 20 years of feeling only half-alive, in an empty marriage to Frank.

    Back in Edinburgh, circa 1766,I noticed the subtle changes in the characters that reinforce my amazement at these two talented actors. Sam/Jamie with tears in his eyes when he was undressing Claire. Caitroina/Claire with looks of pent up longing – for Jamie, of course, but also for the need to love and to be loved physically. No more need to dream of each other – they slowly became more comfortable with each other. And they realized how lacking they were without each other.

    As a book reader, I know Jamie has kept an important secret from Claire – one that will cause a lot of heartache for both of them. And the resolution of the situation will cause them to leave the homestead of Lallybroch and enter into a huge and frightening adventure. But this adventure will eventually be the catalyst for them to establish their own new home in a new land.

    Thanks again for your work!


  2. Beth Ely says:

    This reunion is one of the most pivotal plot points. From this all happens. As a purest of the books, and I realize that not all could be added. But things like the Gutenburg dress led to other things, like meeting the stranger in the stairwell, and Willoughby killing him. Then meeting Fergus. I thought that. everything felt rushed. I don’t think there needed to be the “redo” of the wedding night. They both have longer for and needed the other for 20 years!! We need the fiend for Jamaica and the leg scar should be ugly! It almost killed him. ! Talking about Willie this early isn’t right. Jamie is so scared that , she will leave, with him being ummm with you know who and Willie, he is so guilt ridden over not loving Geneva. Willoughby speaks really horrible english and is smaller. The hook over the hand, Ian’s blonde hair and age . These are the little things that bother me. I love Sam and Cait. I missed him asking about Bree in how she is like both of them.


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