First Wife

First Wife 309

Written by Joy Blake

Directed by Jennifer Getzinger

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I loved this episode. It could’ve gone sideways on so many levels, in so many ways, but delightfully did not. It’s emotional,  funny, heartbreaking, hopeful, painful, connecting, and raw. The characters are spot on. The direction is beautiful. We meet favorites and a someone we’d rather forget. We see their hearts out in the wide open. This episode is near flawless.

Here’s the outline to the podcast this week. I warn you, it IS a rather lengthy listen at 92 minutes. There is so much to cover I couldn’t do it in any less time.


Starz Synopsis

Claire returns to Lallybroch with Jamie, where she does not receive quite the reception she was expecting. Unbeknownst to her, Jamie’s made some choices in their time apart which come back to haunt them with a vengeance.

Key Players

Claire, Jamie, Young Ian, Jenny, Ian, Young Janet, Laoghaire, Joan(ie), Marsali, and Ned Gowan.

Key Scenarios

  • Claire and Jamie bringing Young Ian home. Jamie is in serious trouble.
  • Claire returning after 20 years with no word in between. Jenny is deeply wounded and angry.
  • Jamie repairing his relationship with Ian and Jenny. He broke trust.
  • Claire wanting to tell the truth to Jenny and Ian about who and what she is like they told Murtagh. This would make it all so much simpler.
  • Jamie’s Secret Wife and his not quite getting to tell Claire. Of ALL the women in the Highlands…
  • Ian putting Jenny in her place. Aye, she is a mighty shite stirrer.
  • Claire confronting Jenny about Laoghaire, sharing her past, their reparation.  I loved this scene. Her other husband.
  • Laoghaire shooting Jamie while trying to shoot Claire. A woman scorned and all that.
  • Young Ian bonding with Aunty Claire. Their relationship is so sweet and accepting.
  • Repairing the Laoghaire situation with Claire. He fell in love with the girls and hoped there could be contentment.
  • Dispatching of The Laoghaire since the marriage is invalid. NED GOWAN. She wanted his baws, but only got alimony.
  • The treasure to pay for the alimony. That damned island must be swum to.
  • Entrusting Jamie and Claire with Young Ian to go to get treasure and go to France with them. Sure NOOOO problemo.
  • Claire having doubts over the realities of being back with Jamie. Jamie’s right lass, tis never been easy. Boston Shmoston.

Favorite Quotes from Episode (you need to listen to find out)

Excellent direction, music, writing flowed well, it felt cohesive and not rushed, even though much ground was covered. A promising and marked improvement over the missteps in 307. Follow Outlander Medicine to get details on the surgery. 

What’s to Come

  • Jamie and Claire must figure out what ship he is on and where it is going to follow him and get him back. Hello South Africa Black Sails filming locale.
  • Must tell his sister and Ian Young Ian was kidnapped.
  • Must come up with money for Laoghaire and the girls.
  • Yi Tien Cho and Fergus should show up in the next episode.
  • When do we find out about Murtagh?

Their wild adventure officially begins.

What’s Coming up? Episode 309 The Doldrums

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2 thoughts on “First Wife

  1. Mary Ann - Camillo says:

    Enjoyed your First Wife podcast. One thing I thought about when discussing why Jamie’s marriage to Laoghaire didn’t work out, was what Murtagh said that time Claire was teasing Jamie for kissing Laoghaire. Jamie needs a woman, not a girl, and Laoghaire will still be a girl when she’s 50. Laoghaire’s lack of self-control, her obsession with having Jamie as hers, and her just all around bad behavior is exactly that of the bratty girl Jamie took the punishment for. so long ago. Jenny really wasn’t around for all of that bad behavior, so I forgive her for pushing Jamie to marry Laoghaire. Haven’t read the books, but sincerely hope this is the last we’ll see of crazy Laoghaire, and that Claire can truly forgive Jamie for being such an idiot!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Laine Andrews says:

    Laoghaire fixated on Jamie when he was 16 and she was around 9. Her obsession with him grew, fed by an unwise kiss or two on his part which probably had more to do with feelings Claire had stirred in him by that time. It became a “Fatal Attraction” type situation in which Laoghaire tried to harm Claire, the object of Jamie’s true affection.

    It’s murky why Laoghaire would not/could not respond to Jamie physically and froze him out emotionally when she finally trapped him into matrimony with Jenny’s misguided aid (and her winsome daughters who apparently raised his paternal instinct). Hard to believe she would resist the irresistable since he was her own first “love”. Guess it was more about possessing him than actually loving him.


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